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Friday, March 31, 2017

Mr. Ferrara, Do Your Thing!!!

Jami, he's out of control again!  I need your pops to do his thing!  I have grown tired of Jeffrey and his wife constantly pushing me into a position of poverty and desperation.  Now I have to go on food stamps and apply for MediCal when I was once on SSDI and had MediCare because Jeffrey befriended the criminals in our investigation as police informants.  Jeffrey won't stop helping them.  He won't stop hiding the money that is missing.  He won't give it back.  He won't stop misadvising my family.  He won't stop obstructing.  He won't stop using Laurie as some kind of constant threat against me while he holds this money over my head.  Now I am in constant fear of my family, my friends and everyone.

I don't know what to do.

What I am living in is constant fear.  It is all day and all night and his wife is constantly trying to keep Christopher from doing anything to help me.  He is also a police informant and this is an obstruction.  I can't breathe half the time and the other half of the time I can't think because of the brain injury to my head.  This is getting so overwhelming that I am starting to have constant panic attacks and really bad depression.  My family has been put in a situation to believe something that is not true.  Jeffrey has concocted some kind of elderly abuse scheme with my mom and dad based on a defense that they used for their Diamond Resorts Time Share that I served as a paralegal for them on with their attorneys out of San Diego.  David, Bessie and Missy used this scheme with someone to scam this money out of my bank account.  It is more than a significant amount of money that I saved to live on.

Now I am forced to file for food stamps and MediCal just so that I can cover the cost of my AIDS medications from the rapes.  Marilyn refuses to let Christopher help me with insurance that would help me recover the cost of my lost SSDI and cover these medications for almost a year now.  Jeffrey won't let me sign the papers or have any contact with Christopher.  In other words he wants me to struggle and have no access to medical care even though he knows that the injuries are severe and disabling.  He needs to be ordered to stop.  He can't continue to hide my money in an account with my name on it or keep it at his home without breaking the law.  It has been well over four months now!

I need this money to keep my family from hating me.  I earned this money and paid taxes on it.  He is forcing me to find full time work so that I won't do this informant work.  I can't go on this way.  I need your father to do something to stop this man from doing any further harm to my mom and dad and me.   He's already looked into my father's banking information illegally from his home and does this without penalty.  He won't give my money back.  He refuses as if it is his.  What can I do to get this back?

My mother has told me there is no money even though she and I saved it together.  My sister told me there is no money.  My father was given evidence linked to this crime and was told to lie about it.  I need someone to stop this from happening immediately before they get themselves into any further trouble because of Jeffrey's incessant lying to them.  He refuses to tell them the whole truth and the police that are involved won't do it either.  This is not how I gave them permission to use this wire.  They won't do anything the way I ask.  They are completely misusing this wire at this local home and Jeffrey refuses to do what I ask.

Please see what can be done.  I need this money as soon as possible.  I don't want to lie on a food stamp application if there is an account with my name on it bearing monies over $100 or a MediCal application for the same reason.  That would be a lie.  I can't be put in this position.  My sister doesn't know the law.  Jeffrey is forcing me to break the law for my own health.  He won't help.  He wants me to break the law and I don't want to.  What can be done?

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