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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Looking Into Elder Abuse Charges Against Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg, Missy Pissy, Bessie Smith and My Sister

It's no secret that I love the heck out of my mom.  She's totally the most awesome mom on the planet.  She literally does all kinds of stuff and she's amazing.  Around Thanksgiving time something happened though, she kinda got sad.  I didn't know it at the time, but something was wrong.  You know in the last few years things have been kinda rough.  My dad had kidney surgery and a pace maker put in and was touch and go in the hospital and she's been a total rock, but it's been really hard.

Little did I know that around Thanksgiving, Missy Pissy, David, Betsy Wetsy, Jeffrey Katzenberg and my sister were planning something.  All of them were involved in moving money out of my bank account and into Jeffrey's home.  My sister was told that Laurie LaTweeker was going to try to steal this money.  Jeffrey, Missy Pissy, David and Betsy Wetsy all had a goal, to take my money away from me so I couldn't have any.  They told my sister that it was for "our protection", but not to tell me about it.  So she took the money and was going to put it in the Bank of America, but, as the story goes, Betsy Wetsy, saved the day and told her not to, because Laurie knew that bank account number too.  I think it was another lie.   My sister then gave the money to Jeffrey Katzenberg to keep safe, that's what I've been told.

So my savings account with about $27.000 in it is gone.  My sister says it doesn't exist.  My mom's account that auto pays things got fucked up and her bills didn't get paid on time and it fucked up her checking accounts.  She couldn't figure out why.  Jeffrey, allegedly told my sister to start telling her that her "memory was going bad" and that she needed to go get it checked.  As the story goes...he did this to his mother too.  My mom was very hurt by this.  The reality was that the money my sister stole without telling us did all the damage, not my mom's was her own stupid greed.  Jeffrey pushed and pushed for this "memory thing'' though and my sister and father were relentless.  My mom was in tears about it.  MRI's were done.  There was nothing wrong.

My own mother watches four of my sister's grandchildren every day...all the time at 73 years old...she's exhausted, so she's allowed to have memory lapses as far as I'm concerned, but Jeffrey insisted that these money issues were memory related so that he could get away with stealing this money and my missing bank account could be explained.  He even had Missy Pissy tell my sister that there was no bank account that I had money it to make it look like my mom lost all of my her memory was that bad.  That really hurts my mom's feelings.  She knows I had lots of money in there but now she can't explain where it went because of my bitch sister and her constant insistence that it was never there.  Like she doesn't know where it is!  It makes me furious to think that Jeffrey would abuse my mother this way!

This is elder abuse big time!!! I want my attorney to have him, Marilyn and my sister investigated for this crime along with Bessie, Missy Pissy, David and Laurie.  I want them prosecuted for it and I want them charged for doing this to them.  This is cruel.  It isn't right to have my mom babysitting her four grandchildren all the time then blaming her for losing a bank account with $27,000 in it.  That's what my sister and Jeffrey did together!!!   My sister literally is allowing my mom to take the blame for the missing's like some cruel game of hateful Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg misplaced hate!!!  

I won't let them do this to my mom.  Lisa Damiani, I want you on this right fucking now!

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