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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lisa Damiani: Still No Money and No Meds: Making Me Beg My Parents

Dear Lisa Damiani,

Still no money and still having to beg my parents for a dime that they won't give me.  Apparently Jeffrey has complete control over this situation.  He is controlling every single thing about the return of this money to my account.  My police contact refuses to get this money back to me in favor of Jeffrey Katzenberg's plan.  My sister won't talk to my police contact and get this money to him even though the two are friends and could easily make this exchange.  I offered to accept her apology and not make a big deal out of this nearly two weeks ago, but apparently that was not acceptable to Jeffrey.  Now this situation has caused me to not be able to get my medications again, something that Jeffrey and Marilyn were aware of two or three days ago. 

I am no longer willing to accept an apology but I want this money back.  I think that a call to the police chief in Palm Springs will be helpful for Bryan Anderson who refuses to talk to my parents about this situation with this money and my sister.  My father will be leaving the state soon and my sister will be happy not to talk to him until he gets back leaving me with nothing.  I can't live on nothing.

Jeffrey and Marilyn refuse to do anything to stop treating me this way.  I have begged and begged them to stop, they won't.  I don't know what my sister has to do with this situation, if anything, but it would seem to me that if she does that Jeffrey is controlling her opinion.  I need a court to either convince her to make a better decision or to have someone show her that this money should be returned to me immediately.

I have had enough of this game of keep away.  It is my money and I can show exactly where it came from.  I have all of the paycheck stubs and all of the Social Security Disability Checks that will show that I made this money unlike the other two people on that account.  Jeffrey has no right to any of this money and has never had any right to hold on to it.  I find his involvement to be an intentional infliction of emotional distress coupled with elderly abuse of my mother and father.  This situation is something that I have witnessed involving other members of my family as well.  I am very concerned that someone is trying to hurt them.

Jeffrey has, from what I understand, a history of abuse with elderly members of his own family, allegedly.

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