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No matter what Lori and Brian LaFond have to say, people need to understand that we are in a different age of information. The crime of making a person a computer interface-able thought stream without their permission is an eventuality that people must start to grapple with now. Interfacing a person's biological privacy to an entire community of unknown individuals violates human and civil rights laws. It goes to the heart of religious beliefs, social beliefs and sexual beliefs. The implications of ignoring this new breed of internet predator is imperative to understand. No person's biological privacy should become the subject of DARK WEB humor. This kind of criminal is new and must be dealt with in an American way that shows that we all could be victimized by this crime.
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Just In Case: Packing Some Of My Work Product Today

 When I started getting hate emails from Anthony Dabiere, they never seemed to say the things that Anthony would usually say.  First of all, Anthony and I don't fight.  He and I are classy guys.  We don't argue and we don't bicker.  Our friendship transcends arguing like babies.  We aren't the kinds of people that do this sort of back and forth banter.  I then started hearing stories about Jonathan's death and these conversations about how he was a "better friend that had known Jonathan longer than me"...all of which wasn't true or even relevant.  Nobody in our friendship would ever talk like that.  We don't do that kind of talking with each other.  Nobody cares.  So I started looking into IP Addresses.  I started comparing them to others.  I made this chart and started noticing that some people were using the same ones.  Non-related individuals using the same networks and sometimes the same computers.  This chart showed me that people living in Arizona were using the same network Anthony was supposedly using from Hollywood.  It showed me Laurie and Brian.  I kept this for the U.S. Attorney.

After so many messages of hate from Anthony I started noticing how many devices he was using.  I gave Anthony a computer to use for him and Christopher.   Overall there were 17 devices that he sent me messages from.  3 iPads and 14 other devices and two main networks.  I noticed that this was something that matched the theft of iPads from Jeffrey Katzenberg's home.  This seemed odd.  I knew Anthony didn't own an iPad, but mostly what caught my eye was that other people were using these same devices and same networks...all from this area.   Nowhere near Los Angeles or Arizona where the others were located.  The iPads were the key to thinking about the Katzenberg theft...could Laurie actually be using the iPads from the theft from their home not knowing that they could be located by Apple computers.

One terrific think I love about working with Apple is their anti-theft programming.  You might pay for their marvelous products, but they are worth every single penny and they want you to keep them yours.  They are the most quality computer product on the market and they want you to be able to find them if someone steals them from you.  I am a police informant and nothing makes me more proud to associate myself with the location of Apple products.  They are the most incredible company in the universe when it comes to anti-theft of their products.  I've got so many more ideas for them in the future too.  My hat is off to them for this incredible innovation and I look forward to shaking their hands on this collaboration.  You guys make Steve Jobs proud every single day!!!

In the "early days" of my investigation into this crime It was really hard to keep straight all the "players" without a program.  There were "victims", "operator", "cops", "drug dealers" and "others"; you have to remember, I wasn't really concerned with drug dealers, I wanted to know who was behind the "remote neural monitoring" and contacting the police.  What people do for a living is their business.  The drug dealer's privacy was just as important to me as my own.  Nobody should be turned into the police because my eyes and ears were being accessed illegally.  I didn't like the disruption of the balance of justice.  I don't think that the police that did their jobs honestly did either.  My early understanding was that it began and ended with the Frey family because "microwave hearing" is called "The Frey Effect", it made perfect sense.  Then I did more research...Steven Frey was just as much a victim as anyone else.  Dr. Allan Frey is a staunch advocate against the use of microwave energy and cellphone stalled.  He is an opponent of microwave energy.  Working at Randomline in Annapolis, Dr. Allan Frey has been in GQ Magazine as an out spoken opponent against the use of cellphones!

Over time, my understanding of this crime and my friendship with Dr. John Hall out of San Antonio, Texas afforded me a much better understanding of this crime.  I was able to understand more about the development of microwave hearing and cause stalking which seems to have a lot of roots in the San Antonio area of this country.  You can see from this flow chart that I began listing the victims in yellow squares and keeping track of police officers that I knew were involved in the crime.  You have to start keeping track of them in this manner for the job.  Like I said, I could begin seeing the scope of this crime getting larger and larger as this began getting more and more attention.  As, "Lisa" was getting more attention and my team discovered her "book of slaves" we found a list of corresponding serial numbers that allowed us to develop a database of victims that is now computerized

This database allows us to get a quick reference to many victims and police officers that are involved in this crime that are directly from the handwritten notes of Laurie La Tweeker.  She would write these numbers as she handed the syringe and corresponding RFID chips to her brother for implantation during the "hook up" or implantation process.  Most of the time that included the "infection with HIV".  Allegedly that timing would create a victim with a time bomb inside.  It allowed the siblings to make a slave.  Someone with a secret.  The victim could then be sexually controlled.  "You have HIV and if you don't do what we tell you, we'll tell everyone in your life that you do." Now they can control you.  If you had sex with anyone, Laurie would go around and tell people you were out infecting people.  Like a person was a human gun.  A blackmail device built in to a human slave.  Nothing better for a masochist and worse a rape victim.  This is how she has controlled an entire gay community.  If you did anything but tell the truth about your status, she would barbecue you with your family, friends and relatives.  Your name was destroyed during the early years of this disease.

I was very honest with my family, but my friends, whom I did not have sex with didn't know because they didn't need to.  Withing 5 years, they all knew that I was positive or at least knew the rumor that I was.  I didn't have to tell anyone, Laurie did it for me.  How she knew that, only Laurie can tell you.  Now she tells people that I went around infecting people, but how can she do that and then say that I didn't tell anyone.  Nobody was infected by me and nobody has ever said that because it isn't true.  Laurie says that because she is the person that infected me but she won't get tested.  She refuses.

It's been blackmail for years.  Laurie loves to dish it out, but she won't be subjected to actual science which is what the LAW REQUIRES!!!

I have been taking my time packing up stuff in my own room at this house that is selling because of the evidence and my work product on this crime.  I've been super protective since the last time I was moving Laurie and Brian managed to steal everything I owned after I carefully washed and packed up all of my belongings.  Nobody could believe that someone could actually steal everything I owned, but they did.  This time, the important evidence for the Mendenhall's, the Frey's, the Katzenberg's and the Monti's, not to mention the police and the feds has been carefully placed on this blog over time.  Stuff like what you see above was used as my own reference so that I could keep track of incoming emails and messages so that  could see if emails were from specific IP Addresses linked to devices or addresses that I know were used by Laurie or Brian locally.  The people and devices used were "suspicious".

Now that I am packing them up, I want to ensure that, if they go missing, I have a record of them on Blogger, a Google product, where they can be accessed again for the law enforcement community.  Thanks to Google, nothing ever has to go missing again.  Just another way that the great people at Google are helping me to fight the crime of electronic harassment and illegal implantation of innocent members of the public.  Thank you ladies and gents at Google and Apple, we love you very much!!!

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