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Monday, March 6, 2017

Is Jeffrey Katzenberg On Hollywood's New Black List?

It's been a while since the days of Communism and Hollywood's black list, but is there a new order of politic working these days?  Has Hollywood actually grown a conscience and started looking into the actual business practices of some of it's elites players?  Does it matter if some of them are shady on the inside, if they write big checks to charity on the outside?  Apparently it might.  I think that might not be the worst thing ever.  Maybe it does make a difference if you sponsor an AIDS Foundation, but you help someone take away someone's AIDS benefits or you help a rapist that spreads AIDS virus intentionally or one of their accomplices.  Maybe it does make a difference if you work for an organization that bridges the gap between an alliance for gay and straight relationships and bullying but in your private life you are one of the worst examples of bullying gays.

Enter Jeffrey Katzenberg.  Here's a guy that's donated millions of dollars to AIDS research and his own foundation and works with a anti bullying campaign and a gay/straight alliance that just handed out an award to Fabletics founder Kate Hudson just this year but is one of the worst examples of bullying gay men that I've ever known.  He's living with one of the women suspected in the intentional infection of HIV/AIDS virus and implantation of RFID chip case that we are working on, actually, he hired two of them, and instead of helping the team that was working with the police, he worked against the gay community and helped the rapist.  He kept information from the police and allegedly paid these two suspects to keep the police investigation from going forward in a timely and efficient manner.  His contributions to our case have been detrimental to the justice for over 650 victims.  Personally, he is suspected of stealing funds from my own bank account in the amount of $30,000 and hasn't ever lifted a finger to help me at all, in nine years.

His own son, a victim of the rapist, hasn't even been able to report the rape and name the rapist though he knows who she is in favor of the two suspects that live with him.  He's been kept from reporting information that would lead to the arrest of the suspects in this case in favor of two of the other suspects.  This isn't helping the police and it is making other victims and their families suffer.  My own family has been a victim of this rapist for almost thirty years.  Jeffrey refuses to help us do anything.  He has the nerve to keep informants from contacting one another and has advised us in a manner that deconstructed this entire investigation.  He's lied to the parents of victims and made promises that were never kept.

Is this kind of behavior the kind of thing that could actually get him blacklisted from Hollywood?  Personally, I think that a man entrusted with this kind of income has a responsibility to the public to ensure that money is distributed to the community in a fair manner and creates jobs.  His responsibility to the LGBTQ community in which his son lives has been completely ignored.  Instead, he enlisted the employment of two of the rapists accomplices and let them work for he and his wife for nearly nine years. In that time they have amassed more money and insurance than any of the victims of this crime and created more problems for the victims than anyone.  Not one single victim of this crime is better off than they were when Jeffrey got here.

I am much worse off now than ever before.  When I started this project I had friends working for me and a boyfriend that worked for the police.  In that time he has managed to contact all of them and their families and had them all gagged from speaking to me in favor of doing nothing at all.  This had a chilling effect on our entire investigation.  It put my own rape investigation into a cold case that caused me to lose my own health benefits and AIDS medications.  I've lost my social security disability insurance and it's all because Jeffrey and Marilyn have hidden all of the witnesses and told them to hide.

Hollywood may not have a black list, but maybe a conscience isn't such a bad thing.  A social conscience about who you work with and make into such a billionaire can make a difference when it comes to a community standard.  Jeffrey should not yield the kind of power to keep a sociopath in the business of intentional AIDS infections.

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