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I feel icky today. It's the kind of feeling I get when I've spent too much time thinking something is going to work without me doing it myself. I do not like what is transpiring with Lori and her 5 friends in that shooting gallery of a home that they live in. There is an overwhelming feeling of depression and loneliness. Lori always thinks that means that I'm about to use drugs, I'm obviously not. There is a really big part of me that needs to know something is going on besides my efforts. You all may know better, but I do not and I'm tired of this bitch constantly acting superior to everyone else. This is not how you handle an investigation...I don't know how else to tell these people. You don't sacrifice one person for any amount of other people. Start playing like a team've got to do better.

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

I Just Heard Another Heartbreaking Story of Laurie's Fantasy Break Ups...Man Is She Hateful!!!!

You know something everyone?  I have a tremendous story of heartbreak and pain that I plan on telling all of you from 40 years of Laurie terrorizing my family and I guarantee you it will break your heart.  For all of what I will have to tell you and all of the experience I have with this, every single time I hear someone else's story, I think to myself, "How in the world did she have time to do something this horrible to you too?"  I have just heard another story from another family that I can not believe.  Honestly, I don't know when this girl found the time to spend breaking these families' hearts like this?  How in the world can some little girl have this much time on her hands?  How much hate can a girl have in her body?  I'm telling you, this one is horrible too.

We all know that Laurie has a thing for celebrities and lesbians.  Before I tell any of you this, I'm going to let you know one thing.  I protect my friends like nobody else, so I am going to keep their anonymity a secret here for the sake of their privacy but I will tell you this.  The people I am going to talk to you about are very loved in the celebrity world and you would be shocked at who they are and be very angry with Laurie for doing this.

Yes people, some Lesbians do have children from marriages.  They do have partners afterwards and they do raise their kids together.  So they have kids that are not adopted and are theirs.  This is the case of this story.  We'll call these two legendary Hollwood stars Billie and Beverly.    They raised their kids out in the Palm Springs area and one of their sons was named Brian who grew up with a kid here named Beau.  Brian and Beau were very good friends and ended up being gay.   They knew each other for a long time and after years of being friends had a relationship

Billie and Beverly couldn't have been happier.  They knew Beau and loved him because they'd known him for a long time.  First, they could trust him and that was a good thing.  Then along came the AIDS crisis.  Of course the boys knew all about it.  They were together and the girls taught them to be safe and they were.  The boys were happy and the ladies were friends with Beau's family and all seemed to be going well.  Then came Laurie to town with her brother Brian.  Living in the Warm Sands area wasn't so lucky for Beau and Brian because Laurie caught a glimpse of the pair of handsome guys.  That was all she needed to see.

With her nosey brother and her knock out pills, Laurie and Brian decided to slip them something into their apartment...the next thing they knew the pair were HIV positive but neither could explain why.  Both were hearing voices but neither could explain it and both were being followed.  The pair had to tell their mothers...remember, one set of parents were lesbian celebrities, Laurie's favorite kind of people.  Big time celebrities.  The pair couldn't understand how this could happen.  They knew the pair...afterall, there are only so many ways to get HIV.

The fighting began and after many years of being friends...and fighting....they stopped being friends.

They complained about being followed to the police over and over again, but nothing seemed to stop them.  Stalking never seemed to get any attention in Palm Springs.  Crystal Chevrolet license plate frames everywhere!  It never stopped anyone.  Hundreds of complaints.

Neither could ever explain how the other got HIV.  They, of course, knew they'd been safe with each other.  How could this happen?

Years later along came Kevin (Me), along came HateLisa.  I heard about Beau.  I heard about Brian.  I was friendly with Brian's boyfriend Bret and I knew something else.  I'd told Bret a long time ago about a girl that was following me around.  She'd met him. In Yucca Valley.  She'd lied about me.  She'd told him about me doing drugs at his home that she'd planted there.  She'd broken into his home and written in to my day planner, "you're in my heart, you're in my soul".  It was creepy.  She let his cat out of his house at night.  Only problem was, I knew her from high school.  I know her real name.  I know who her family is.  I know what she did to me when I was 19 and I'm here to help Brian, Beau and Bret.  Billie and Beverly are friends of MINE and I already know what those tears feel like in the heart of an HIV positive man for the mother that is newly informed.  They never go away.  They are always in your head.  They never dry. 

For Beau, Brian and Bret, this one is special.  I can't believe how much hurt one little monster can cause, but it only takes a cage to stop a monster.  The Internet is not a right.  Freedom is a privilege.  Happiness is not guaranteed for just Laurie only.  

Randy Ringger wanted me to work on this case because he wanted me to make a difference for him.  He said it was important for him to do something that made a mark on the world.  For some reason this case...the case that involves Brian, means something to Randy.  I think it would mean alot if we emphasize that what we do in this investigation for Brian is with Randy in mind.  He would like that!  In fact, it is something I am sure he would love.  He was such a terrific man. 

They were shed for Gianni Versace too by this lesbian couple when his death occurred and I won't let it happen again.  This family deserves happiness.

For my friend Bret, I will finish this family's horror story.

We all know that Laurie and Brian think that they deserve more, but they don't.

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