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Thursday, March 23, 2017

I Am Being Lied To By Members Of My Family Anderhole, Are You Going To Ask Them Why Or Do I Have To Find Another Cop?

Now, let me ask Lisa Damiani another question.  My police contact is Sgt. Bryan Anderson, whom I think is an Anderhole.  I also have a San Diego police officer named Ken Davenport and his friend out here that are working.  Why is it that I know that my family has told me a series of lies in this case and I can't get them to question my family about these lies if they are working with me on this case?

My mom says, "There isn't a bank account and there never was one? I swear to God there never was one."

My dad says, "My tool belt was never stolen" and it was.

My sister says, 'There never was a bank account and I didn't steal your money"  "You don't have a penny to your name."

All of these are lies.

How can these people be working on this case and I'm wearing a wire working on this investigation, hopefully for the govt too, and they won't go and question these witnesses about this missing money?  Aren't they suppose to be working with me?  If they aren't working with me shouldn't their supervisors be called?  Shouldn't we be calling their Chiefs and telling them that they aren't doing their jobs?  They also have specific knowledge that these answers are lies and that this evidence was planted at this location and that this money was stolen.  If they know this why isn't this money being returned to me and being ordered returned.  That is the proper procedure for an informant's money in an investigative sting isn't it?

So if this is a sting, why isn't Bryan stinging someone for it?

I'm concerned that the U.S. Attorney isn't being clued in properly that this informant is being treated inhumanely, because I can't go begging my parents for money that was stolen in a sting operation because my cop is a fucking idiot.  You know the PSPD has had problems returning informant's monies before with the Nichols' Family and it did have something to do with Laurie.

I want this cleared up.  I am off my antidepressant medication and I have a sister that is controlling the fuck out of me again.

Do we need the FBI out here visiting Jeffrey?   I think we might need someone to babysit him because his diapers are wet.

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