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If she wasn't trying to kill me, then why call off the police officer summoned to the E.R. on the morning of my second MRI? Why call the hospital to ensure that I would not receive any medical treatment for a destroyed skull. The problem with Lori LaFond knowing where you are all the time is that you can't get help of any kind before she can make a phone call and tell a lie about you. The fact that I reported the rape and nobody showed from the PSPD to take my report is one thing, but for that same department to then tell the City Council of Palm Springs that I'd waited "too long" to report it to them is ridiculous. I didn't wait, I took a day to try to figure out what happened, went to the hospital, was denied services, went back two days later, brought my bloody clothes and reported the rape...and was denied again. Obviously the MRI's from those visits show something horrible...what happened?
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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hiding The Ball And Playing With My Money So That I Can't Get Help...Why Is Jeffrey Acting So Suspiciously?

So, most of you are aware that I've hit the hardest times of my life.  I'm still hopeful for all of the victims of this crime because there are lots of ways that you all can be free from this crime if the people that are sitting around on their fat lazy asses will do their jobs.  Mostly, I'm the person that stands up in public for you so I was targeted the hardest financially by one of the world's wealthiest families, the Katzenbergs.  They decided that I shouldn't be the person that helps you.  So they embarked on a campaign of smearing my case and investigation by stealing my finances and playing stupid when it came to this investigation.  Nine years later, I'm applying for food stamps and MediCal when I use to have MediCare and Social Security Disability and money in the bank.  The money was stolen, the evidence of this case was taken, the witnesses all moved in with Jeffrey and Marilyn and were given the job of ruining my life...and they did.  They took until there was nothing left.  Even Christopher participated in doing nothing to help.  It's sad.

So today, I went to social services to try to preserve my ADAP (AIDS Drugs Assistance Program) which helps to pay for the expensive drugs that keep me alive.  Since I no longer can afford to pay for the MediCare program without disability, I have to apply for MediCal and food stamps for food which makes Laurie thrilled.  Having no money, which is due to the savings account stolen by Jeffrey and someone in my family, makes me a candidate for this program too.  Jeffrey on the other hand had a problem with this though.  He couldn't cash the cashier's check because then there would have been a paper trail as to where the money went.  So he had to open an account with my name on it.  Unfortunately he didn't tell me where it was.  So now I have an account somewhere with $30,000 in it and I am applying for MediCal saying I don't have a $100 to my name, which is essentially lying.  I don't know where this money is, but I have it.  He is basically causing me to lie.  So is someone in my family, but if I don't apply, I can't have my AIDS drugs to live.  Isn't this just about perfect?  Someone in my family really loves me don't they?

This is just about the way people are with this crime.  They think that they are doing you some kind of favor by stealing your money but what they are really doing is fucking you financially, spiritually, emotionally, and every single way that they can.  They don't understand that what they have done is take something that you have worked your ass off for and done you tremendous harm.  Anyone else may have committed suicide or used drugs over it.  I'm so upset right now...I am not even allowed to talk about it anymore because my mom swears that the money never existed.  My father acts like I'm some kind of loser.  My sister wants to scream at me if I say something.  So I'm the big liar in the family.  Now I have to go on food stamps with $30,000 in the bank because Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife said so.  Aren't they special people?  Fucking billionaire pieces of shit!!! Nice boyfriend too...isn't he just the sweetest guy in the universe?  I sure can pick em.  The drug dealer was nicer than this.

So rather than get in trouble by the lawyers, Jeffrey, allegedly, opened a bank account and put my money in it with my name on it, but didn't tell me where it was.  So I can't get any money out of it, but it looks nice on paper.  Of course, it doesn't do me any good, but my family looks like they've been more honest about it.  Keeping it from me like I'm some kind of 49 year old child that can't be responsible for himself.  On food stamps.  This is ridiculous again.  I am a grown adult.  I can take care of myself.  I worked for the U.S. Justice Department and my family treats me like I am some kind of invalid or shut in.  I am so fucking upset with them right now it is sickening.  They act like I am learning disabled or some kind of hopeless case.  This is all Marilyn Katzenberg's doing.  I am so angry that this woman has allowed her husband this kind of control over my life.  He isn't the kind of man that should ever do this kind of work.

I don't like the way he thinks he's helping me.  It isn't helping to starve someone or put them in a position to lie to MediCal.  I don't bilk the social services system.  I work with people like Social Services to help the needy.  I don't want to have anything to do with helping Laurie to say something about me that isn't true.  This whole thing makes me sick.  If I don't apply I won't eat.  If I do apply I will have Laurie telling these people that I have money in a bank account and that I've committed fraud.  This is a no win situation created by Jeffrey and Marilyn.  You hold him and I'll hit him.  It is total extortion created by two terrorists of the mind. 

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