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Once again, Lori was soliciting people to help her because she wanted me to get mad at Jeffrey Katzenberg and Alice Mendenhall. Not going to happen. These parents rank among the top people that Lori has indirectly and directly harassed for years and years. My mother and father are the same as these parents too. I support all of the families of the hundreds of victims that Lori and her brother Brian hurt. So while she screamed at me to blame Jeffrey, she tried to sweet talk him into complaining about me. It isn't that way. I'm a person, but I'm a smarter person than that. Lori LaFond is the problem, not me.
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Thursday, March 30, 2017

David The Dick and Jeffrey The Kvetch: Taking Me To Poverty Level Their Plan Finally Worked, Tell Them How Proud You Are Of Them Now!!!

Jeffrey and David's Plan.  Two rich boys.  Don't get me wrong, it isn't David Katzenberg that I am talking about, it's David's asshole friend from high school, the drug dealing piece of garbage that got thrown out of the Playboy Mansion by Hef more times than the guy that couldn't stop taking Viagra before he got there.  Yeah, you know the one, the permanent alcoholic one that always gets too drunk and pees on himself at the parties in Santa Monica then acts like, "What did I do last night...?"

Apparently the Rich Man/Poor Man game that Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Asshole made a promise with Missy Pissy and Laurie with was to make me dirt poor.  With the help of my sister or someone in my family helping them steal my savings account, they were finally able to do that.  Laurie is so proud of herself and today I can finally admit that Laurie has, once again, made me poor.  Isn't that an accomplishment Marilyn Katzenberg?  Thanks to your fucking husband and Benjamin's father, I, the advocate against your son's rapist, have nothing.  My boyfriend helped you, my best friend helped you, my sister helped you...Hell, everyone that Jeffrey knows that I know helped you.  Are you proud?  Is Jeffrey proud of himself?  He's such a man!  I'll just bet that he's the most important person in the universe.   He's such a terrific person.  I can't imagine why they canceled his membership in S.A.G. can you?   I can only hope that they take Marilyn's and do the exact same thing.  Marilyn, sat for nine full years and watched while these two little boys planned this whole thing and executed it without doing one single thing to stop them.  She needs to have her membership canceled permanently.  Both Katzenbergs should be thrown out of that union forever!!!

I will testify to the entire S.A.G. on behalf of every single victim of this crime to tell them what these two parents did to make this happen and I will let them know what I did to help their son fight this crime.  Rich Man/Poor Man was the game that Marilyn and Jeffrey played for nine full years until today when Jeffrey and Marilyn finally made me broke.  Now my rapist is having the time of her life celebrating the fact that she not only raped me and gave me HIV but she did this to their son too.  This is a victory for Marilyn and Jeffrey, but I don't know how?  How can two parents actually count this as a victory when their own son was raped by this same girl?  These two are hideous people.

What I do know about Benjamin's rape is this.  Both he and his friend were raped.  They were stalked and drugged.  Both boys were drugged, beaten, sexually assaulted, filmed, photographed and infected with HIV.  Both were hospitalized with a staph related pneumonia that could easily have killed both of them.  Neither infected the other.  Jeffrey and Marilyn are both aware of whom infected their son and his friend, Martin, but are unwilling to come forward to have her accused, instead, they decided to play Rich Man/Poor Man with me to have me stopped from having her arrested in my own rape.  It is my understanding that both boys were sodomized with a plunger and photographs were taken...Jeffrey has seen these photographs.  The rapist has since returned to Martin's home where the rape took place and introduced herself, while masturbating, to Christopher Monti, on another occasion, but Jeffrey wouldn't allow Marting to report this to the police.   This video shows the rapist and her brother in various states of undress talking about Christopher and myself as informants for the police prior to my trip to Sedona where the rapist then followed me and my other informants on a vacation.  This video was also not allowed to be shown to the police for a very long time which could have resulted in the saving of the life of another friend of ours, but once again, the game of Rich Man/Poor Man was much more important to the Katzenbergs.  You see, once Jeffrey decided that I was more fun to fuck with, nothing else seemed to matter any longer.

All the time that all of this was going on, I was working.  I was the person that was trying to give hope and inspiration to the 650 gay men that were infected and implanted with these devices.  Very few of us work and can keep a job.  Jeffrey and David were determined to keep that from happening.  I worked for 8 long years at a job that I was way over qualified for as a night auditor for a hotel.  I lived on practically nothing while scrimping and saving $30,000 for Christopher and myself.  Part time, overnights, I managed to put this money away in a savings account while living on $60 a week.  Yes, I lived on $240 a month.  This money was to be for Christopher and I to have, but when I went to go and get it, someone had taken it from me.  Rich Man/Poor Man meant that Jeffrey and David had stolen it.  David came up with a plan to take it from me and gave it to I have nothing.

So now Jeffrey and David are sitting in Benjamin's home acting like they've accomplished something tremendous.  Do you think that a billionaire should be lauded for something like this?  Do you think his AIDS Foundation wife should be heralded for taking a 30 HIV/AIDS survivor who was intentionally infected in 1987 and taking his AIDS medication and insurance away playing a game of Rich Man/Poor Man?   A few years ago Jeffrey was given an Oscar for Humanitarianism, I think that the Academy should take it back!  I think that they should look at what he has done and ask him to return it without question.  He is not a humanitarian.  He is a masochistic piece of garbage...that thinks that because he has money he has the right to use remote neural monitoring to look into my life and into my family's finances and fiddle with my life of pain and sorrow.  I never once gave his son permission to do this.  His sons only permission was to use this wire to put the rapist in jail.  I don't see how making me poor did anything like that.  This is a complete breach of that trust and contract.  David is in complete breach of that contract.

David and his not fiance, Bessie Smith, pretended to get engaged on the day that Christopher was arrested to create a distraction.  Both are guilty of informant misconduct.  Both should be jailed for it.  Christopher spent a year and a half in jail for it.  Neither has ever been engaged to the other.  It was a scam to put an informant in jail and Jeffrey let it happen.  Now Jeffrey is living with Christopher, what a fucking sell out.  That's the ultimate in selling out.  You don't live with the man that allowed you to go to jail during a fake engagement party while your boyfriend agonizes over your arrest.  That's just shitty of him.

What Christopher has been willing to do to hurt me, it getting to the point of not being understandable again.  He's allowing things to progress to a point of not caring about me and I see it with both eyes.  People, do not think that I am one of those, will take him back at any cost people either, I am not that kind of person.  I am way more self confident than that.  He ain't all that.  There are plenty of people that would never do the things that Christopher is doing to help Jeffrey, I know that.  What my boyfriend is doing is wrong.  I know it.  He's stubborn, stupid and very ill advised.  He never knows the right thing to do, but Jeffrey is constantly lying to everyone.

I will make better decisions for myself when the time comes, you will see.  Jeffrey thinks that I am some kind of pushover, I'm certain that most of you will find that I'm much different than that.  I've got more confidence in myself than most of you know.  Christopher has less going for him than Jeffrey thinks.  With me, I haven't seen much.

I'm the prize in this relationship, he know it.  If he hasn't learned that by now, he will.  I don't put up with much, I'm learning to deal with this situation differently.  There will be severe consequences when the whole story is learned but now isn't the time to make decisions about my future.

Rich Man/Poor Man...what more can I say.  Laurie wins again...isn't that cute?  Jeffrey throws his gay son and his best friend in the trash to give Laurie what she's always wanted.  He's such a great father!  Marilyn taught her son just what he always needed to know, you mean nothing to me.  It's more important to hurt someone Benjamin than it is to stand up for yourself...isn't that what they teach in the Eagle Scouts?  Your mom was the Teacher of the Year.  What year was that?  1920 something?  I haven't seen such poor teaching since they taught that women needed to be good cooks to be good wives....or since husband could spank their wives if they spoke out.

Listen people, this whole thing where I had to be broken into pieces by some rich fuck is bullshit.  He's an asshole and when I get the chance, he's going to find out that if you treat me like shit, you get treated like shit back.  I'm a person and I'm a damn good one too.  That little fucker David is going to get his ass sued big attorney is going to find your assets and you are going to lose every single dime you little shithead.  Rich Man/Poor Man is a game for spoiled rotten fuck heads with nothing better to do than sit around and act like assholes.  Get a job Dave and get off the meth.

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