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It's Spring and it's time to do some cleaning. I gave someone some advice the other day about removing the negative aspects from your life on a yearly basis. It's time I let go of lots of baggage that I've been carrying around for friends of mine that dropped it off then went on vacation for 8 long years. I am a person, first and foremost, and what I needed from my friends was completely denied by Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife. You think that parents would be nicer when you teach them about what happened to their kid, not these two. Instead, it would appear that continuing the tradition of implanting homosexuals and giving them AIDS is something that the Katzenbergs least where their FRIEND, Missy Pissy is concerned. Best of luck to you Benjamin.
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Friday, March 3, 2017

Contributions Mishandled? Where Have Your Donations Gone? To Terrorism?

Did you make a contribution to this project and I never received it?  I can tell you this, I've never received a dime from anyone...ever.  It has come to my attention that the two people above have accepted donations for this project on my behalf, allegedly, but I've never received any of them.  I want you to know that I would have loved to have had them to help my family and would have gladly used them to help the victims of this crime.  For some reason or other Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg have self appointed themselves as some kind of financial gods over my life and this project.  They've never spent a penny on this project or on a single victim of this crime.  Conversely, they've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on Missy Pissy and Bessie Smith whom are two of the main suspects in this case.  Also, it is suspected that Missy Pissy and Bessie Smith's fiance spent thousands of dollars from the main suspects, Laurie and Brian LaTweeker on crystal methamphetamine during the course of this project, keeping the main suspects and rapists in business and in a home close to my family while living in a home paid for by the Katzenbergs.

I want you to know that if you have made contributions to this project and did so out of concern for me or Christopher, that the money never did get to me.  I am sorry that Jeffrey and Marilyn did this.  I don't know why Jeffrey and Marilyn decided to help the suspects instead of the police informants and the advocates on our team.  We are one hundred percent dedicated to stopping this crime and for helping the victims and law enforcement.  We never ask the parents or victims for a dime.  It is our policy never to use the victims for this purpose, they've lost so much already.   Christopher has never made any effort to have these funds turned over to me or my family either though he apparently had access to them too.  He's apparently not interested in working on this project any longer.

I do not know if Jeffrey has funneled your money into Laurie's terrorist organization.  I do know that the money that she has been living on is not hers.  She certainly does not have a viable income and that she does not sell enough drugs to pay for her expenses.  The money must be coming from somewhere.  I have heard rumors that Jeffrey may have been having Missy funnel money into an account so that she could pay for her home, but that is unprovable at this time.  I wouldn't rule it out.  One thing that I do know for certain is that he has never helped me out with a single thing.  He's never been helpful and he and his wife have said no to every single request that I have ever made of them.  His son has misused this system in every way with every permission that I have ever given him.

I want to be fair to my readers that care.  If you have made contributions and Marilyn has kept your money, please make a complaint to the Screen Actors Guild and let them know that she has not forwarded your contribution to me.  I am a one hundred percent honest person.  I will post a full accounting of every dime I ever get and spend.  I would never let any donated money for this project go to anything but helping the victims and my family.  This is certainly not some scam like Jeffrey pulled on my sister that took $27,000 out of my savings account for him to hold over my head for the last four months, while he bought a car for his girlfriend Missy Pissy, with my stolen cash.

I earned that money for Christopher and I to live on, but Jeffrey won't let me talk to him and he no longer speaks to me under Jeffrey and Marilyn's advice.  He is no longer trusted by this coalition.

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