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It's Spring and it's time to do some cleaning. I gave someone some advice the other day about removing the negative aspects from your life on a yearly basis. It's time I let go of lots of baggage that I've been carrying around for friends of mine that dropped it off then went on vacation for 8 long years. I am a person, first and foremost, and what I needed from my friends was completely denied by Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife. You think that parents would be nicer when you teach them about what happened to their kid, not these two. Instead, it would appear that continuing the tradition of implanting homosexuals and giving them AIDS is something that the Katzenbergs least where their FRIEND, Missy Pissy is concerned. Best of luck to you Benjamin.
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Monday, March 13, 2017

Clearing My Father's Name: Why It's So Important To Me

In 1982, in San Bernardino, a not guilty verdict was rendered in a case of the People of the State of California vs. my father.  I was just out of the eighth grade in the summer and I remember it like it was yesterday.  The case started when I was 9 or 10 years old and in the sixth grade.  My father had been arrested at one of my best friends home while he was working at a construction job.  I didn't know why but my mom picked me up at my best friend's home and drove me to our house and asked me, "Has your father ever touched you?"  I can remember it clearly.  She had tears in her eyes.  Just like last week when she was crying while I asked her about the missing money from my bank account.  Same tears, many years later.

Of course, I said, "No mom, why would you ask that?"  The question was sickening to me.  My father was nothing like that.  He was a great father.  He was funny.  Well liked and never anything like the kind of father that ever touched a kid inappropriately.  I would find out later that night that he had been arrested for some kind of inappropriate acts with some high school boy that I'd seen from his golf team.  Some kid that lived in Sunfair where Laurie lived.

It would be two and a half years of legal battles.  It was costly.  It was strenuous.  My mom and dad moved to Yucaipa for the trial and pretrial hearings.  My sister went away for the summers.  I was left behind to deal with all the shit.  As usual, I was the one around for all the shit.  I had to deal with what she couldn't.  I was 11.  It wasn't fun.  There were lawyers and investigators and trial prep and questions but the whole thing was surreal.  I was scared.  I saw my mom scared.  I knew my dad was innocent, but this whole thing made everyone nervous.

Then there were the letters in the mailbox.  The newspaper printed our address and names.  I remember going to the mailbox and there were these articles that someone was putting in the mailbox that highlighted the articles and horrible things written on the articles.  Hateful things that I didn't want my mom or dad to read.  The letters were put there.  They weren't mailed.  There were no stamps on them. Someone had placed them there.  I can remember going out to the mailbox and getting the mail before my mom got there so I could get them out before my mom could get them so I could destroy them before she would see them.  Laurie's aunt lived next door.  I can only imagine how they got there.

I testified in that court trial.  I testified truthfully, something that I've received emails about from someone named Laurie Johnson.  She claims that I lied or something to that effect.  I've shown those to my own sister.  I think she must have forgotten now because she's kind of hateful to me these days.  Since I'm such a "burden on my family" and my money is missing, I guess, I'm just a mooch.  The emails talk about how my father should be put in jail for what he "got away with" and what would happen to him there.  This was just a few years ago.  For that, I'm still being harassed.  I'm still the kid from the trial.  I'm still the kid that testified truthfully and helped my dad win his freedom.  I'm just a financial burden to him now.

In the Summer of 1982 he was acquitted and I was offered counseling which I didn't want.  I thought it was over and I was ready for high school.  On my first day before my first period, I walked past the gym and onto campus only to see Laurie, who marched up to me and said, "Kevin Bond, you are a Flaming Faggot and everyone knows it!!!" and I was crushed again...that began the next four years of torture before she infected me with the AIDS virus at 19 years old and implanted me with the RFID chip that she would use to follow me until today.

As it would happen, during the course of this investigation, a box of transcripts from my father's trial was Laurie's apartment, allegedly.  She allegedly got them from the accuser's family.  She apparently went there and asked them for them.  I don't know if she tried to tell them that she would follow me and harass me for the rest of my life because of the outcome of this trial or if she would do something to me, but this is what was found.  Still paying for what happened with my father.  Still paying the price for his justice.  I guess I haven't paid enough for the burden I am to him, right Uncle?

In her left behind diary, there are lots of things that Laurie talks about that she was involved with in this case.  She apparently admits to this crime and accusations.  It was a set up.  She was behind it.  She was behind other accusations too.  One with a teacher's wife.  One with another student, male, a friend of mine and using a friend of the family to make accusations that made my mom move out of the house...but my sister doesn't seem to want to clear my father's name.  She would rather make me look like a loser, than just simply tell the truth.  You see I may look like I'm not contributing to this family, but contributions come in all shapes and sizes and they aren't all monetary.

What I've done is spare my family...I guess that isn't worth a dime. Is it Uncle Kim?

I think that what I've done with my life was overlooked.  I've sacrificed more than people know because I let them have their families, because I didn't have one of my own.  I was willing to do that for their happiness because there wasn't any for them.  I always thought that there would be time for mine later, but time runs out after awhile when what you save for yourself goes missing without a clue.  I tried to make up for the drug thing with patience and helpfulness and I thought being present for a decade would work.  It didn't.  As soon as the times came that I saved and planned for me came, the plan was taken because people knew I'd saved for it.  I didn't think that the people I trusted with that part of my plan would do that to me.  They were trusted Mrs. Katzenberg, that was stated from the beginning, wasn't it?  I said, "I will do this job in this shit town until it is time, but then I am going to leave."  When time ran out, you took something that wasn't yours.  I planned this perfectly for the federal government to prosecute.  I am moving forward with that plan now.

However the money was taken, it will be prosecuted.  I can't hold back because of your miscue.  You and I both know that nobody had permission to take that money.  We both know that using my family to shame me is not the way to make me feel better.  The advocacy work that I do for the intentionally infected and implanted, is not something that I will ever be ashamed of.  Rape is a crime of violence.  No matter whom you used to take this money, I will prosecute.  There are 650 families that I have to consider.  That is 1300 parents and family members and that precludes whatever feeling I have for individuals that are now calling me a liar, even if they are my own family.  I am hurt by the insinuation that I am a burden on my family.  I have literally almost died for my family many times over.  Look at my skull.  You can clearly see that every blow I took to my head was to kill me for what I know and for every beat that my heart made trying to help my family learn the truth about Laurie.

Since I was 19 years old, I knew I was going to die.  That's not something a 19 year old should be thinking about.  A 19 year old should be thinking about life, not death.  I saw my mom cry the second I found out that I was HIV positive in an era that it meant I would be dead by 26 years old.  I saw for the second time in her life the tears fall from her eyes that meant something horrible had happened.  Just like when my dad was arrested.  This time it was my fault and I didn't have any idea how it could have happened.  Again, it was Laurie.  Then again, when my brother in law died.  Again it was Laurie.  Then I got shot...again...Laurie.  Then raped and beaten...again...Laurie.

What keeps happening here is victory after victory that people keep blaming on me that I keep trying to head off, but I'm the burden on this family?  I need to leave.  I tried fighting her head on, but someone took her side, not mine.  You see if I get another job and make something out of myself again, I'm not fighting the problem, I'm giving in again to Laurie.  The problem has to be stopped.  She has to be incarcerated and put in jail.  I keep dusting myself off and rebuilding but someone keeps taking all away again....this time she got help from a family member or four.  I can't keep doing this without thinking of the other victims.  A champion fights, not rebuilds and gets stepped on.  This time we prosecute!!!

So the missing money goes to court!!!  Let the chips fall where they may and the guilty go to prison!  I earned this money, I sweat for it, it's not insignificant, it's something I can live on and I'm not giving it away! I want it back!

You see the text message above is meant to make me look bad.  It's suppose to motivate an already motivated man.  What it's intent is to take away from this project and put me to work 9-5 and take me away from helping the victims of this crime.  I did that.  I worked 11pm -7am for 8 years and Jeffrey didn't do anything.  He sat around helping these drug dealers get nothing accomplished.  Cover up after cover up happened and nothing got done.  If it hadn't been for the theft of my savings account, I'd already be at the U.S. Attorney's Office with my friends spilling all the information that they needed for the arrests that should have already been made.  This is a "go back to work" at a meaningless job so that Jeffrey can work on his Wonderco. bullshit message so he can forget about the rest of us message.  Isn't it Jeff?

I Wonderco. how much farther Jeffrey is willing to push my family members into making me look like I'm a drain?  It isn't funny Jeffrey...

Look people, I was told today that I don't have a penny to my name and that may be true, but when I know that I save $30,000 for me to leave and it goes missing four months before my planned departure, I'm going to cry foul.  Jeffrey took this money and no matter how he got his fucking hands on it, I am going to get it back.  If he used a family member to garner sympathy to keep me from prosecuting, he'll be sorry because I will still prosecute.  I don't have sympathy when I am an informant.  There is no such thing.  The government requires honesty in all situations.  I have my job to do and I intend to do it.  One thing I learned when I worked for the U.S. Department of Justice is that family is fair game.   I want Laura Duffy to know one thing, if a family member is involved in the theft of this money with Jeffrey, I will be a witness against that family member without question.  There is no place for fraud or elderly abuse in this case.  I am not that kind of informant.  I will go forward without sympathy or excuse.

I have too many families that have too many lives destroyed to not consider the lives of those that have lost loved ones to AIDS, suicide and horrible deaths in the Palm Springs area to not go forward no matter what the circumstances are.  I am loyal to my friends and to the team that we have put together and will not change my loyalties no matter what the evidence shows.  Too many lives have been cut short because of this crime and I will not give up forty years of investigation simply because a family member may or may not have been involved.  My loyalties are to the People of the State of California and to the People of the United States of America.  I have done my job and will continue to do so.

This investigation has been done cleanly and will continue to be done so.

Please proceed with the investigation into U.S. Bank in Twentynine Palms, California as to the monies taken from my savings account in November of 2016.  With my permission.

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