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Two days off were not peaceful, they were full of Lori screaming and acting like an idiot. Tonight we we will look at how she controls everyone around her by using her mouth and meth. The entire time I've been telling her to stop talking to me, she's been getting more and more convinced that someone will save her. You can't save a person from herself. She will find a way to get attention if it means destroying everything and everyone else. It is quite interesting to hear how she controls her nasty group of friends.
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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Appealing To My Fairy God Lesbians For Help With Jeffrey and His Wife

Dear Jane and Lily,

Night after night I go through this situation without reprieve.  You know what this is like for me and I simply can not endure another few weeks of Jeffrey's ignorance.  This situation has grown out of control.  To say that I've been patient is an understatement and I know that I am not strong enough to continue with Jeffrey's continued assault on my family.  This is bordering on revenge from him and I can't understand why he started this in the first place.  He is constantly trying to figure out another way to try to take something from me that I've earned.  I've worked extremely hard for this community and I've never asked for anything.  Now what he is doing is siding with my rapist and life long stalker.  I can't believe the level that he has sunk to.  This is lunacy.

I know that you understand this position because of your own family member.  I've fought this battle for him too.  It is with him in mind that I keep fighting for my other friends that have fought against this disease that has plagued Palm Springs and our community for far too long.  There is more than enough evidence to support what we need to get this to an indictment of Laurie and her friends for the human experimentation and violations of our human rights.

I need Jane to contact Lisa Damiani so that we can force Jeffrey to give me back my money so that I can move from this area to a place where I can be safe and so that I can continue to do the kind of work that is necessary to bring this crime to justice.  I can do it.  I know who I can talk to and I know how to bridge the gap between law enforcement, the gay community and the public at large.  I simply can not fight against a billionaire that is set on stealing my life while hiding in the darkest of places.  Lisa needs to know what he's done and that he is trying to hurt me and my mother in doing so.  This is so egregious and vicious that only the mind of someone like Jeffrey could think it up.  He's never spent a single moment trying to help me but he's spent nearly a decade trying to take away my life.  Now he thinks he has a strangle hold on my neck and he won't let go.

I want him prosecuted for the theft of money from my account and for the elderly abuse of my own mother in doing so.  He had no right to go this far.  This was beyond any kind of understanding that I ever had with his son or his wife.  I am deeply scared for my safety as a public advocate for this crime and as a gay man living with HIV.  His continued attempts to take away any kind of medical attention for my disability with his wife are unconscionable.  Why the two of them would do this after all of the help I have given to the two of them I do not know.

Please help me Jane and Lily,

I want to help our community.

Love and Peace,


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