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I feel icky today. It's the kind of feeling I get when I've spent too much time thinking something is going to work without me doing it myself. I do not like what is transpiring with Lori and her 5 friends in that shooting gallery of a home that they live in. There is an overwhelming feeling of depression and loneliness. Lori always thinks that means that I'm about to use drugs, I'm obviously not. There is a really big part of me that needs to know something is going on besides my efforts. You all may know better, but I do not and I'm tired of this bitch constantly acting superior to everyone else. This is not how you handle an investigation...I don't know how else to tell these people. You don't sacrifice one person for any amount of other people. Start playing like a team've got to do better.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Angels In Jail: How Many, Like Me, Were Jailed For Being Raped?

You know she talks to us when she puts us in jail, don't you?  Oh yeah. Chief Reyes, I want you to know something.  When Laurie has us arrested, she takes credit for it, then she starts in on how we are going to do what she tells us to from now on.  Oh yeah.  We're either going to behave or we're going to end up in prison.  It's what it's like being gay and raped in Palm Springs.  I know what your next question is.  Why don't you tell us about it?  I'm going to show you why and I think you know the answer already.

Sure it is really easy for the Police Chief Bryan Reyes to tell everyone that he can't do anything about this crime unless these men come forward and tell him that is what this girl is doing to them but let's face it, he's not really being all that honest now is he?  He's the first person to tell me that "he was going to catch these rapists" when I complained to his department and then years later, he's the same guy that told me that there was "nothing that his department could do for me."  Don't believe him when he says this shit everyone.  It isn't just a matter of coming forward and telling the truth.  From day one when I complained about my rape, this police department began a campaign of hate against me that was nothing short of humiliation and degradation. 

Those of us that have been through this program of humiliation are always told one thing, "You will respect my family", though most of us have no idea who her ridiculous family is.  Respecting someone for raping you and giving you HIV isn't going to happen no matter how many times they put you in jail.  To me this always sounded like organized crime.  It still does.  To this day Laurie is constantly referring to people that are NOT her family as "her family".  Her brother is constantly being referred to as her "father" or her "sister".  She is living this life of confusion.  She refers to her mother as "her sister" and half of the time she calls every single gay man's family hers.  We don't ever share that same opinion.  My sister is not her sister.  They are nothing alike.  Laurie likes to draw these ridiculous conclusions about ALL SISTERS BEING ALIKE.  Obviously not all sisters of gay men are the same.  They are just as different as everyone else is.  Laurie wants to find some sister of a gay man that shares the same viewpoints as she does.  She hasn't found her yet.  She won't find her with any of my friends.

In the Palm Springs jail, there is some kind of cell phone relay station right on top of the jail cells and the reception there is so incredible for her that it sounds like she is in the room with you.  The acoustics there allow her to pound on your head all night long.  It's one of the worst places for a sadist like her to be allowed to cackle at you while you are in custody.  You can't imagine what it is like to have your rapist throw you in jail then mock you all night long after she's done this while the cops sit there and keep you hostage.  It is a sexual sadist's dream.  For a hate crime criminal like Laurie it has to be the paramount of her sexual fantasies and the PSPD has handed this to her like a lollipop for a child for nearly three decades.  We are literally treated like lambs to the slaughterhouse.  When you see the videos with the audio from Laurie's own mouth, you will understand that this is her favorite way of torturing a man.  It would be like a KKK member putting a black man in a cage and shitting on him.  (My most sincere apologies to all)  When you hear the language you will understand what it is like.  "N" word and all.

It began when I went to the hospital the second time and told them about my rape and nobody showed up at the emergency room to take my report.  This was the second visit to the emergency room for my MRI. Had anyone showed up they could have had a copy of the MRI and they would have seen the injuries to my skull instead of the call to the E.R. that was placed by Missy Pissy that fucked everything up.  Instead of getting a police report taken then and there with my bloody clothing it was almost a month before a police officer came to my home.  Later the police would tell the City Council that I'd waited "too long" to report the rape to be credible.  This isn't even the truth.  I'd reported it to the hospital five days after the rape which isn't uncommon in the case of date rape drugs and skull injuries.

The second incident was the night that I called for a dispatch of an officer to come to my home to report the rape.  This whole incident is on record because I was wearing a wire.  The officer was abusive and horrible.  He was so overwhelming and lied the entire time that I had to contact the ACLU who wrote a letter on my behalf.  He literally accused me of harassing my rapist and contacting him.  I want to be certain to let you know that I did not accuse Laurie or Brian of this rape.  I accused the two people that both Laurie and Brian told me were responsible.   The home owner, Steven Frey and Peter DiMartino.  You can see by text messages that I've received later that this was a situation that someone wanted me to believe existed.  I have the texts showing that someone was trying to make me believe that the two were "involved with each other".    At any rate the officer that took the report made the entire situation seem "sexual" and I was reporting a violent rape in which my skull was smashed to pieces.  He told me that I'd reported to the E.R. being in a car accident, which was completely untrue.

The very next night the police began a campaign of illegal arrests.  I was arrested by the same officer that took the rape report.  He took me to jail almost naked wearing a towel.  It is on police video, we have the video from the night that I was arrested that was in possession of Laurie.  Someone from the police headquarters sent this video to Laurie.  There were no charges filed.  I was drug tested and nothing was found.  Nobody pressed charges and I was kept overnight and released without any charges....nobody took me home and I had to walk home wearing paper clothing in October.  Before I got home I was arrested a second time for burglary...while I tried to stop and get the mail for a sick friend in the hospital on the way home and put his landlord's mail in his house setting off the alarm!  I went to jail for that.

Two arrests one day after reporting my own rape.

Over the next seven months I would be arrested five more times...all for suspicion of being under the influence of drugs or trespassing.  None of the times that I was arrested was I ever found to be under the influence of anything.  I was tested every single time and never was there any kind of substance in me or on me.  It was all because Laurie was mad because I reported the rape that we now have video and photographs allegedly showing her involvement in.  There is a postcard showing my face being punched out too.  There is a news story with the police saying that "Kevin Bond has mental issues" and "that there is no rape investigation".  These are direct quotes from this police department.

There are other videos too.  One of the videos is a humiliating video from my 40th birthday when Laurie had me arrested.  I am in jail on my 40th Birthday while my parents are waiting for me in Twentynine Palms to come home for my birthday party.  Instead, I am in jail for nothing.  I test negative for drugs.  There is no warrant for my arrest.  There is no reason for me to be in custody.  Yet I am there for three days in PSPD custody before I am transported to Indio for another two days of custody there. There is no reason for me to be in jail.  Not one single reason.  No warrant.  No drugs.  Just Laurie is pissed off.  She just wanted me in jail.  Here's the worst part.  Laurie has just spent three days with me in Los Angeles calling it a "pay per view" event where the gang stalkers there are following me around...and I am without any money while they follow me everywhere until my friend Sean gives me $20 to get me back to Palm Springs so that she can have me arrested.

Obviously, I wasn't using any drugs while I was there since she gets me arrested when I get back.  Once I am in police custody...after two days, on day three, they remove me from my cell and decide that they are going to humiliate me.  They take me from my cell before transporting me to Indio, and stand me in front of what seemed like the entire office of officers, and put this hood over my face, like Hannibal Lecter.  It was humiliating to say the least.  Hot and humiliating I stood there like some kind of terrorist in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  I knew it was because Laurie was saying I had HIV and I was gay.  We now have the video that Laurie calls, "The Beekeeper", and her audio to the police officers that are implanted with her screaming at them to make me "their bitch" where she is telling them my HIV status and my sex preferences to humiliate is raw and it is horrible.  Remember, this is the girl suspected of placing tainted HIV blood up my rectum after smashing my skull to pieces.  Here she is again humiliating me.

Allegedly this video is about twenty five minutes long.  It felt like an hour.  Then I am transported with this hood on.  They said it was a training video, but if it was for training, why was I still in this hood in the van for transportation?  I was humiliated and said nothing.  Remember, I've said and done absolutely nothing.  My parents had to come and pick me up an hour and a half away.  For nothing.  She just loves doing this to my family.

Now those are the arrests, what I'm not telling you about are the 15-20 other times that the police contacted me over the next 18 months from the time that I reported the rape until I left the area for good.  None of them were positive experiences.  I had a gun pointed at my face.  I was threatened not to contact them about the subject of our investigation as an informant even though there was a restraining order and a death threat from him with a warrant or the Chief of Police would "seek criminal charges".  I was stopped.  Police entered my homes and searched my rooms at two different locations.  They stopped and searched me at several different locations.  They field tested me at different times.  They patted me down and felt my penis at other times.  This was a complete humiliation by the police department and now we have the transcripts of all of the times that this was done under the direction of Laurie telling them what to do.  Mostly it is a humiliation tactic where she is lying to them and telling them to stop me and do illegal things for absolutely no reasonable thing.  They have no probably cause, they just do it for no reason at all.  This is a complete shakedown of a rape victim for reporting the rape.

I wasn't allowed to talk to a district attorney.  I was told I wouldn't be allowed to talk to a district attorney unless DNA was found.  When it was found I still didn't get to talk to a district attorney.  I was never allowed to see my initial report given to Officer Fieux.  The police never went to the crime scene where the rape took place.  Nothing ever happened for me that should have.  It was a complete bullshit investigation from the very start.  It is my understanding that Laurie told Bryan Anderson that Steven wasn't a drug dealer at all.  I'm the person that was practically lived with him and I sold drugs for him.  I knew the whole operation.  In her restraining order she claims not to know anything about me or my friends post high school.  How could any of this be?  None of this makes any sense until you realize that she then says that Bryan Anderson was her four year boyfriend after high school...he is my police contact.  He is also the person that told me to report the rape.   Now I don't know about you, but...if he and she are the two people that are using this system, perhaps they are the two people that need to be questioned about it.

What I've also found out about these arrests is that while I am in custody, Laurie and her brother are robbing my home.  Yes, the police are holding me in their jail cells for nothing, because I am never on drugs, but they are keeping me there so that their two little friends, who have keys made to my home, can rob me.  This is one of the reasons that they took me to jail naked.  You see if they take you to jail naked for no charge overnight, then your home is unlocked and your wallet and keys are there, with no way to protect them.  Thank you Kelly Fieux.  Basically the police just let the rapists, rob us.

If that's not bad enough, I have a boyfriend whom is also a police informant that has also been raped by Laurie and her brother.  He's also been filmed and probably photographed.  There is video from the police department in Laurie's possession from the PSPD of his blood being forced from him.  From what I've heard, it's the worst video of all of the videos that she has.  He is very clear about not taking his blood.  The blood draw is super illegal and his take down to the floor is violent and unnecessary.  

Then comes his arrest and removal to a police department out of the area so that he isn't booked into the Palm Springs jail where he can contact his PSPD police contact.  He is taken all the way to Banning so that he won't be notice and is put on the television news where he is called a "homeless man" and is charged with a "strong armed robbery" for an alleged bike theft.  The only eye witness to this crime?  A woman on the phone calling herself, "Molly Bondhus".  Um, Molly Bond, is my cat.  Yes, folks, my cat is named Molly Bond and the phone call came from Laurie...who wasn't there, she was all the way here in Joshua Tree...the hus means Molly Bond's hus-band....Kevin's husband.

So Chief Reyes, before you go bitching about why you can't do anything about this crime if people won't report it to you, frankly it's because of what you do to people that do!  If you report it to you and your officers, you fucking put them through HELL!  What you've done to me and my family is nothing short of terrorize us with your department's gestapo police tactics and send Laurie after me and my friends because of reporting it.  Nobody wants to report crimes to you because you aren't trustworthy!  My rape was solved.  You had the DNA of the suspects then it disappeared.  You said I was right on the money until you realized it was your home girl Laurie and her brother....then it was all a lie that I made up.  Then she followed me to Arizona to kill me.  Unfortunately, we found more evidence of your officers acting like Nazi's than you could ever imagine.  Now, since you don't want to arrest her, we're going to go around you.  Apparently you didn't get the memo.  We wanted to help you stop her.

She is a menace to society.  You can't work on our community by working with her.  You can't tell us to report this crime to you then sick her on us like some kind of Adolf Hitler and her gestapo police.  We won't tolerate it.  Now it is time to go to the news and show them what you do to people that report intentional infections and rapes of gay men to you.   I am sorry but I deserve to have a life just like you do.

What until you see the "Drug Dealer and His Boyfriend" video....I think you may change your mind about what happened at Steven Frey's home.

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