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I feel icky today. It's the kind of feeling I get when I've spent too much time thinking something is going to work without me doing it myself. I do not like what is transpiring with Lori and her 5 friends in that shooting gallery of a home that they live in. There is an overwhelming feeling of depression and loneliness. Lori always thinks that means that I'm about to use drugs, I'm obviously not. There is a really big part of me that needs to know something is going on besides my efforts. You all may know better, but I do not and I'm tired of this bitch constantly acting superior to everyone else. This is not how you handle an investigation...I don't know how else to tell these people. You don't sacrifice one person for any amount of other people. Start playing like a team've got to do better.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Baby and a Dictator: He's Still Trying To Hurt The Victims of This Crime

Jeffrey is trying to control me still.  He found a way to get to my sister and my finances and she's done all the rest.  She started taking evidence back to my father that Laurie and her brother stole from him to gain his trust, like his missing tool belt.  Then she started in on my mother.  There are so many lies going around in my parent's home now that I won't go near there any longer.  It's not safe there for me any longer.  I don't want to be around them with my sister being controlled by Jeffrey and his evil family.  Once he started controlling what my sister says and does, I no longer am willing to be near them.  She'll act like she doesn't know them now and say things like she has never heard of them, but the truth is what other people know about her.  This will cause a problem with Christopher and myself, but it isn't going to stop me from working on what I work on.  Bryan Anderson knows the truth.

The problem with all of this is where is my missing money?  We all know that Jeffrey goes behind my back all the time.  Just like Laurie always did.  He tries to charm people with his money and his wife, but the truth is that he is a Little Hitler in disguise.  He has nothing to do with telling the truth.  All he wants to do is hurt me and my family.  He's got some kind of power trip death wish for me and my family.  He's let Laurie in now and now all he wants to do is create problems for me so he can stall as much as he can.  I have asked that the U.S. Attorney issue and order to put him in jail until he and my sister return this money to its rightful owner, me.

This is informant misconduct of the highest order.  Bryan's complicity in this situation is nothing short of a felony.  He should have taken Jeffrey into custody the second he learned that this money was taken from his informant's account without my permission with the help of Jeffrey's friends.  Bessie Smith, David and Missy Pissy are all suspects in the case that we are working on for this investigation.  Jeffrey has crossed the line so many times now with my mother and me that this is beyond dangerous.  The elderly abuse of my mother and father using my own sister is ridiculous.  He literally took their own defense in a case against their time share company, that I worked on as a paralegal, and used it to scam money from my own bank account while he used this system to learn of the defense used by our lawyers in San Diego.  He's using a tactic that he used against his own mother that was unpopular with his own family to wrestle control of finances  from his own sister that now, no longer, will speak to him.

The problems he is causing with my family, at this point, are an attempt to have me removed from their lives, thanks to my sister and her continued attempt to make me look like some kind of evil person for telling you the truth.  The truth is that all of this was done behind my back and without my knowledge.  I trusted my sister with everything that I owned.  I never, in a million years, would have thought that she was capable of doing anything that would harm me.  I would have told anyone and everyone that she was not capable of doing anything like this.  I can't believe that he would try something this horrible with her.  He obviously has done something illegal here and has her under some kind of control.  There is something wrong with this man.  He is a Baby Hitler in the making.  I am telling you all that he won't stop until someone puts him in a jail cell until this money is returned.

There isn't a victim of this crime that is safe until he is removed from this system and away from what people think.  He is incapable of making rational decisions without trying to manipulate people and their families in a negative manner.  I've been doing this for a very long time and I can tell when someone crosses over the line for the final time.  He has crossed over.  He won't stop and wouldn't if you begged him. He literally thinks he is helping my sister by destroying me.  She is also thinking that this is a good idea.  She has lost her mind.  These two need to sit in a jail cell until they come to their senses and realize that this money is not theirs and that they have no right to try to control the finances of a 49 year old man.

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