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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Which Is It Jeff? Are You So Obsessed With Making Missy Happy or So Obsessed With Keeping Me From Becoming That Way???

You see this view from Wrigley field?  I've got something in common with it and my investigation.  You see, I've been working my ass off for years for an unobstructed view of an even playing field so I can see the game the way it should be.  The only problem is that I keep paying for the best seat in the house and Jeffrey keeps putting this great big pole in front of my face so I can't see anything.  You know, I haven't done a damn thing to this guy and every single time I try to get something positive accomplished for the people that need help, this guy does something else to get in my way.  Oh he acts like he isn't interested or uninvolved, but as soon as I change my seat to a different location, there he is again, trying to stick that fucking pole in front of my eyes so I can't see anything again.  This is like the nine billionth time in nine years.

So I'm just going to ask him one more time.  Which is it Jeffrey.  Are you obsessed with making Missy happy or with keeping me from being happy?  Which one is it?  I'm starting to think that you have a serious problem with my happiness and I'm not quite sure that it's a valid feeling that you are having there.  I don't work in entertainment.  I have nothing to do with you.  I don't give a shit about your friend Missy.  I haven't ever done a thing to involve myself in HER life.  I don't have any desire to know her or to be near her.   So what is the deal with you getting in my way all the damn time.

I was shot at and beaten severely and if you don't think that I have a right to know the truth about that situation, then you and I have a serious problem on our hands here.  I don't think that you understand the severity of how little business of yours that is.  You don't have the right to get this involved in my investigation.  You certainly don't have the right to engage in the loss of my financial situation or assist in that endeavor.  You don't have the right to involve yourself with the other informant in this case. You have nothing to do with the San Diego case or the people involved in that case.  You have nothing to do with the injuries that I've suffered but you do seem to have involved yourself with one of our suspects.  If you continue to try to help this person by spying on me and getting in my way, I will seek other method of legally stopping you.

Some of those methods will include having you restrained.  I am tired of you following me around for the purposes of you hurting my family and using Missy to do it.  She is clearly the person that suggests to Laurie how to get to my family.  This is not something that I will tolerate any longer.  If that girl gives her one more piece of advice as to how to get closer to a member of my family while under your tutelage, you can expect me to find a way to stop you.  If she continues to try to involve herself in the investigation in San Diego, Missy will find herself under investigation as to what she knew about the crime and did not report before and after the crime, which will include the death of my brother in law.  This woman has played an integral part in some of the most heinous acts committed against my family and you continue to use her as some kind of blonde advisor as to how to come after my family.  I won't tolerate another second of her continued attempts to threaten me by advising you to get involved in a negative way or not get involved when you are legally bound.  You are not a very smart man Jeff.  You are really crossing a line that I would never have crossed here.

I've asked you to not try to talk to Christopher but you insist on acting like you have his best interest at heart.  I doubt you do when you did nothing for him when he went to jail and I doubt that you do now.  You are simply trying to keep him from putting Missy in jail where she belongs.  I'm not really caring what decisions he makes any longer because clearly you've had an effect on him that I am not that pleased with.  Whatever he decides to do is up to him.  I'm not someone who decides things for him like you and Marilyn.  He is clearly someone that needs to have decisions made for him these days.  That's not the kind of informant that law enforcement usually likes, nor do I.  As for the San Diego officers that won't do their jobs that you have there...I'm not impressed.  They've put my family in isn't going to work.

I will seek other routes of safety based on Missy's continued control of your poor decision making.  Good day.

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