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Monday, February 27, 2017

What Is This "Letter From Her Father" That Laurie Keeps Talking About?

I am not one to spread rumors or anything, but Laurie keeps mentioning some kind of "letter that her father has written" and she is not very happy about it.  She keeps acting like she is very angry with her mother and sister about whatever it has to say.  I have always been under the impression that Laurie and Brian were not very nice to their mother or father or sister but that they were probably closest to their dad.

Now that he has passed on, there is apparently a letter that Laurie is aware of.  How does she know about this?  Is there a mysterious letter from beyond?  Did her father write a letter about the siblings that can shed some light on this situation?  Is it helpful or hurtful to Laurie and Brian?  The way Laurie is making it sound, it can't be all that good.  She is hoping that her mother will destroy it.  She knows that this letter could mean something horrible could happen.  She thinks that she is going to say that her mother "forced" her father to say these things and that he wasn't of "sound mind or body".  I don't get the impression that her mom is that kind of person.  She sounds, from what I know about her from this community, to be like the nicest woman around.

Can you imagine having two kids like Laurie and Brian?  Ewww.  You know she's got other kids though.  Apparently some of them turned out really good.  The good ones turned out really nice, but the bad ones turned out to be super jealous of the really good ones.  Someone suggested to me that the bad ones are really jealous of the good ones and that the better the good ones got, the worse the other two went.  I can totally believe it.  I know that Laurie and Brian are the two laziest hound dogs on the planet...and the dirtiest.  Filthy dirty.  Like they don't bathe and stuff.  If they do it's like once a month for something of a scam or something....but not on a regular basis.  I've been inside of places that they've slummed, it's basically crap on the floor, crack pipes broken against the walls, pee on the floor, fleas, ticks, dishes in the sink, poop in the bath tub, holes in the wall, burn marks in the carpet, blood splattered from needles everywhere, health hazards everywhere...basically a squat pad for animals.  Trash piled up for years.  A hoarders paradise.  Dirty.  Filthy. Scum.  Most people aren't allowed inside.  Needles and baggies everywhere.  Not a spoon in the house that isn't bent and burnt.  You know what I am saying G-Eazy?

So you can imagine that the other siblings that they have are probably the nicest people.  Good people with nice kids that probably are the polar opposites.  They probably don't want anything to do with Laurie and Brian.  You can imagine that they've already had their run ins with these two and you can probably imagine they want nothing more to do with them.  They've already been used to the hilt and they've been through it.  These kinds of people will be assets to this investigation.  They should be treated with respect because, if anything, they have lived the Hell that we all know that Brian and Laurie put you through, only they had to live with them...understand that people, they had to LIVE WITH THEM!  Not an easy task!!!

Respect the family that had to deal with these two.  Sociopaths would have been this way no matter what...there was no way any parent could have changed them.  Understand that any effort made to help us, IS THE BEST THING THIS FAMILY CAN DO!!!  WE CAN DO NO BETTER THAN HELP THEM LIKE ANY OTHER VICTIMS IN THIS CRIME...AND WE WILL.  RESPECT THIS FAMILY LIKE ALL VICTIMS' FAMILIES...LAURIE AND BRIAN ARE NOT LIKE THE REST OF THEIR FAMILY, I PROMISE YOU WILL FIND THAT OUT!

You don't know the level of disrespect that these two children have shown their own family.  Yes, they have disrespected hundreds of other families along the way.  When you realize the level of disrespect it takes to do what they have done to THEIR OWN FAMILY, then you can see how easy it was to do this to YOURS.  Their own mother is a very Catholic woman.  Nobody is more Christian than she is.  Laurie is the SINGLE MOST DISRESPECTFUL person when it comes to religion.  She simply is disgusting. To have a daughter that acts the way she does is can only imagine what this is like for her mom.  It's terrifying and horrible beyond words.  I'm only saying this out of respect for her.  I haven't had a conversation with her because I know what Laurie would do.  She knows it too.  Both she and I know what her daughter and son are like.  We both know that it is going to take a group effort to bring them to justice.  No more fighting amongst ourselves.  Only the combined efforts of people that love each other and God will bring us the peace that all of our families deserve.  Her husband would say the same thing.  He loved this country and fought for it, Laurie disrespected him and his uniform, something that he would have found completely dishonorable.  It was a filthy act of disrespect until the very end.  If there is a letter that she is worried about, I hope he got to say exactly what he wanted in it.

He should get the last word.  That would be fitting.

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