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Saturday, February 25, 2017

What Is Laurie's Obsession With Families?

The Bond Family is not the only family that Laurie has been obsessed with her entire life.  We're just the first one that she's latched on to and tried to fuck with forever.  For us it started way back in like 1981 or 1982.  We don't really know where it came from or how it developed, but one thing is for certain, that is where the mess began.

Since then her obsession with families, sisters, brothers that are gay and oddities that go along with becoming parts of other people's family by terrorizing them with remote neural monitoring and HIV has become her lifetime obsession.  There are many families with multiple implanted victims.

There are the Johnsons with a sister, brother and father.  There are the Velins with a mother, son, grandson and probably grand daughter.  There are the Allisons with two brothers.  There are probably more than that out there too.  Her own family has multiple victims probably too.  I would say whom they are, but Laurie will go all crazy if I do.  Rest assured a few cousins that I know have been infected.  Laurie is here trying to find more of my family to implant and infect too.  It's been a long road trying to keep her away from my family, but the thing about her is that she has always insisted, in part, that she was "this close" to being a member of my family to other people, but on paper, she "doesn't know a thing about me since high school".  She honestly thinks that if by some distant marriage thing she could be a link to my family that I would be somehow obligated to do "family things" for her.  Um, not gonna happen.

Financially speaking I owe her nothing on any level.  Nobody in my family ever would.  She basically uses this system to find one victim then seeks out others through it.  I can't even imagine how that doesn't look like some form of stalking.  I think that it is really strange the way Laurie tries to look like she is some kind of sister that was "given up for adoption" by these people's mother too.  She tries to introduce herself as the sister that was adopted by other parents but now she's coming back into their lives.  She's so strange.  It's always some kind of money scam.  Never is it less impressive when you look at her and you realize she's just some kind of low life desert rat that's trying to scam money with her snake oil selling brother.   He, of course, is waiting in the wings to say, "I'm yer family too now."  It's just so freaking hillbilly.

Her need for family information is a direct need for stealing their finances.  This whole scam has been a lifelong dream.  Infiltrate a family and steal whatever she can take.  I don't know how much clearer I can make this for all of you, but you have to see it for what it is.  She's a thief.  Ask her best friend Julie and I'm sure she'll tell you the same.

The lies generated from her meth addicted brain are coming so fast and furious now that she literally can't keep them from spilling over from one person to the next.  Communication is the key to stopping her.  It has to be done publicly and it has to be stopped by lawyers doing the most diligent jobs of their lives.

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