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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Bank of America Scam and Missy Pissy

After Missy Pissy and Jeffrey Katzenberg set up the robbery at my parent's home, they were able to obtain a bank book or check book of my sister's.  The scam was simple.  Jeffrey wouldn't allow anyone to call the police while he allowed Laurie and Brian to come to my parent's home and rob whatever they could find from the cars parked outside of our home while we were all at a family function.  Using me as a lookout, knowing that if I am somewhere, I can account for what members of my family are present and accounted for, Jeffrey and Missy gave free reign for Laurie and Brian to come to my parent's home, where we all meet, so that they can rob us.  Jeffrey tells Missy and everyone there, including police officers, not to call the cops.  Nice of him, isn't it?  Wedding rings, bank books, Monster jackets, my iPod,  tool belts and all kinds of things have gone missing over the years...without anyone calling the police, thanks to Missy and Jeffrey.  (Incidentally, Jeffrey was furious when nobody called the police when his home was robbed...I subsequently found his stolen items for him without a word of thanks.)

At any rate, once the items were stolen, Brian and Laurie had access to my sister's bank account at the above bank.  Telling you now is a moot point, since they already have it.  Not telling you would be stupid since Bryan Anderson and Ken Davenport should have already been keeping an eye out for us.  So as you can see, Jeffrey provided absolutely no support for my family while the home was robbed.  This happened before at the home I am currently living, when Christian Johnson and Brian came by and robbed one of our cars on camera...Missy Pissy told them that Jeffrey would "not call the police on them".  Christopher Monti did not do a thing.

Once Laurie had my sister's bank account numbers, Laurie and Missy came up with a plan so that they "could both get paid".  Knowing that I'd saved a whole lot of money by stowing away a paycheck a month for six years, Laurie wanted to steal it from a bank where she couldn't get to it.  My idiot sister thinks she controls everything in my life.  Bessie, being a long time "pretend" friend to my family was then approached by David and Missy to steal this money from me.  Bessie went to my sister and told her that Laurie wanted to steal this money.  How in the world my idiot sister was talked into it, she took the money from my savings account and was told to put it into the bank where Laurie knew the account numbers....that way Laurie could actually steal it from there.  It's the old "move it to where Laurie could steal it" scam.  Stupid fucking sister.

Why in the world would you move money from a bank where she couldn't get it, to a bank where three people you barely know want you to?  Jeffrey says it was to "protect my family", if so, then why did my sister tell me there was no bank account?  Why can't I get my money?  Why is it all gone?  What the fuck is he trying to pull?  If Jeffrey could have had Laurie and Brian arrested for burglarizing my home with police, why protect us from stealing money from the bank?  This isn't protecting us, it's stealing from us.  This has nothing to do with helping my family, it has to do with Missy and Laurie and Bessie stealing.  They are not interested in doing anything more than showing Jeffrey that he's a stupid fucking idiot.  I would never have let this happen, but my sister is an idiot control freak that think she knows everything all the time.  She's always thinking she knows what's best for everyone and Bessie took advantage of that.  My sister thinks she can bully me into not saying anything or bulldoze me into believing that I didn't save all this money, but I have an attorney that will prove her wrong.  I won't get into this with my sister because that is what Laurie and Jeffrey want to see.  I won't even bring it up again.  What I will do is take her to court for it and I will get the truth.

Jeffrey has overstepped his boundaries with this one and I am going to make sure that he never ever fucks with me again.

If my money goes into this bank and does not come back to me, paid in full...I am going to have Jeffrey, his wife and son charged in a conspiracy.  I want every single dime of the money that was taken from my account returned to me.  I do not want it deposited into an account with my sister's name on it.  I do not want it deposited into the Bank of America where Laurie can get her hands on it.  I want it deposited into an account that I have LifeLocked at my convenience so that nobody besides me has an opportunity to steal it again.  If Jeffrey has anything else to do with this money besides returning it to me, Bessie Smith and her friends will do serious jail time.

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