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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Stupid People Everywhere!!!

How much time can a man waste on a drug addicted whore?  Let's face it.  Jeffrey is a fucking stupid jackass!  Opportunities exist all the time for him to help his son out and all he can do is stare at two sagging tits and listen to a whore.  He's as dumb as she is stupid.  How in the world did this guy make so much money being as dumb as he is?  He had to have stolen it.

Is there not someone, in this universe, that is smarter than this dumb motherfucker, that can do something smarter than Jeffrey?  I can't take one more second of his stupid fucking tactics of trying to piss me off so that he can spend more time looking at tits.  This man literally thinks that he can steal money from me and use that money to buy his lesbo girlfriend a car and then tell me that it's "no big deal"?  Are you fucking kidding me?  He literally emptied my savings account at Christmas and bought  Missy a brand new car with the cash.  This is the most unbelievable turn of events I have ever heard of.

He bought that fucking whore a car with the savings I had for working overnights for six fucking years with MY GOD DAMN MONEY!  I want you all to start calling him right now and telling him what you think of him for doing that.  I am going to throw up all night long thinking of that fucking whore cunt driving that car that I paid for while she thinks of all the gay men she got killed.  Some of which were my friends.  Her mother and father are the worst parents I've ever heard of.  I want you all to know that when that bitch gets in that car, I hope someone crashes into her head on!!!

Bessie Smith, may you burn in Hell for stealing that money from me so that your bitch girlfriend could buy a car with it.  Nothing in this universe will ever get me to help you now.  All I can think about is my broken skull and the two nights that Missy Pissy called the emergency room to tell the doctors that there was nothing wrong with me so they sent me home with multiple compound fractures so I could agonize for a month with horrible life threatening she's driving a car that I paid for thanks to Jeffrey fucking motherfucker Katzenberg!!!!

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