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Lori, for lack of a better way of explaining this, has gone bonkers. She's lost her mind and all control over the people she was counting on to get her through her "golden years". At fifty, Lori still hasn't been able to kick her meth habit or her need to control her older brother. I honestly think that she believes that she is still attractive to young boys. She's not. She's a "boner killer" someone recently told me and I can attest that she is just that. Erectile dysfunction in a female body. No Viagra is going to cure Lori. Nastiness and hate is all she does any more.
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

So You Think I Won't Put You In Jail? You Might Want To Think Something Different

I pay him one single compliment, and the motherfucker decided to Missy Pissy me again!  You know something Jeffrey Katzenberg, you can suck my dick!  You aren't ever going to be the kind of person that I would ever help are you?  You couldn't put the knife you took out of my back away fast enough before you stabbed the shit out of me again with it.  You little bitch.  There is even less of you to like today than there was before.  This time, there isn't any other way to tell you but don't bother.

Don't bother asking.  Don't bother begging.  Don't bother using Christopher.  Don't bother using Kenny.  Don't bother using my sister.  Don't bother keeping my money.  Don't bother trying to play with my emotions.  Don't bother strangling me financially. Don't bother with my mom and dad.  Don't bother.  You and I  are finished.  You played every single solitary thing I told you not to use, as was expected, and I absolutely will not do anything more than may you pay with the justice system for it.  I intend to have you and your family prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and there is no more room left for good faith.  There is no good faith when it comes to you, Benjamin, Marilyn or anyone that you work with.   You are the complete asshole that you pretend that you are not.  You are a thief.  You are a terrorist.  You are a criminal.  Using my sister and her need to control my life was pure genius...evil genius.  It was a crime to fund Laurie's terrorist organization and I will see you prosecuted for it.  She will tell the truth or go to jail along with you.

You and your wife are now the enemies of the State of California and the people who live here because I work for the people of this state.  I am sorry to see something so horrible to happen to the charities that your money supported, but when they find out how you were getting some of that money perhaps they won't be as happy to receive it.  Taking it from innocent hard working HIV victims...that's not what AIDS Foundation Founders do.  I wonder how many other people Marilyn and Jeffrey have done this to over the years.  If they wouldn't do what you wanted, did you just starve them to death too?  Sad, Marilyn to see that you would try so hard to kill someone that did nothing but try to save your child.  Now he is facing jail time because of a mother that is so selfish and driven to make up and excuse for her husband the asshole.  You aren't a mother, your are a werewolf.  You change when the night falls and your claws come out.

You took, not an insignificant amount of money from me.  This isn't $50, Jeffrey.   You took half a month's paycheck from a part time job that I worked for six long years on overnight shifts from 11pm to 7am, often getting screamed at by Laurie and Missy Pissy.  On some occasions, they would be torturing Anthony and Christopher all night long too.  In the meantime, Jeffrey's team would be planning trips to Sedona, Arizona to have my team ambushed...or have a planted employee stealing from the hotel.  There are so many things that happened at that job that I couldn't work there any longer with my disability, that Jeffrey never let be a disability because his "lover" Missy had the MRI's stolen from the hospital...twice!  Jeffrey pulled off the scam of the century by stealing six years of my paychecks that were put directly into the bank...$350-$450 a month for six full years!!!!  So we're looking at $28,000 that I saved and he took from me....I needed that money and he said, "I don't want him to have it!"  Jeffrey.  Who the hell is he to say that to me???  He's not my father.  He's not my friend.  He has nothing good to say about me.  Who in the fuck??? He has no right to steal this money from me or my sister????????

He just took it....ask him....he didn't want me to have it.  I planned, scrimped, saved, went without, didn't spend it, didn't gamble it, then he had someone in my family withdraw it and told her to lie to me about it.  She told me it didn't exist.  Now it's all gone and she's telling me to get a job at McDonald's.  Fuck you Jeffrey!

The lesson he taught me was..."Put Jeffrey and his family in jail!!!" That's the lesson I learned.  Anyone have a problem with that?  If you do, then hand him your $28,000, I didn't think so.

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