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Once again, Lori was soliciting people to help her because she wanted me to get mad at Jeffrey Katzenberg and Alice Mendenhall. Not going to happen. These parents rank among the top people that Lori has indirectly and directly harassed for years and years. My mother and father are the same as these parents too. I support all of the families of the hundreds of victims that Lori and her brother Brian hurt. So while she screamed at me to blame Jeffrey, she tried to sweet talk him into complaining about me. It isn't that way. I'm a person, but I'm a smarter person than that. Lori LaFond is the problem, not me.
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Separating The Dead From The Alive: Searching For Death Certificates

Since Missy and Jeffrey have made it impossible for me to contact Christopher and he refuses to talk to me, I have to find out on my own, whom, on my team of employed informants is dead or alive.  That obstruction is something that is going to take some time, so the search for death certificates is on.  Rafe, Patrick, Jonathan and others have to be found so that the FBI can figure out if Laurie was lying about whom was dead or if they are still alive and can be found to testify in a court of law about her.

This is one of those situations that could have been avoided.  Since we have letters about some of the victims, emails too, we know that we can track some of the family members down and provide information about the deaths of their loved ones for the record.  Some of the family members will thereby be contacted by law enforcement in an effort to figure out whom is dead or alive and what they know about Laurie.  This is one of those tedious situations that could have been avoided if Jeffrey and Christopher hadn't obstructed justice, but now that they are apparently working against law enforcement in an effort to continue the use of electronic harassment against my family, it is a necessary task.

Law enforcement is going to need to know the circumstances surrounding the deaths of these individuals that aren't dead as well as the contents of the lockers of the ones that were.  What was in the locker of Jonathan Mendenhall following his death.  Was there any evidence of a crime of electronic harassment in the locker at the U-Store-It in Cathedral City for the receipt that I had to travel all the way to San Diego to find.  Since his death we all want to know what was in there that was recovered.  It is imperative that any evidence that was recovered was turned over to the police.  Some of it may have been my stolen goods.  I want them returned.  The receipt, delivered to Shawn Parrish, now deceased, is also a questionable piece of evidence as he also passed away under circumstances that are tied to this crime.  We are now in the process of understanding that a crime of intentional infection and negligent homicide may come in to play in that case as well.  This is a very sad situation people and informants that aren't coming forward because of proposed financial gain by Jeffrey Katzenberg is a sick situation.

My apologies to the families for having to put them through this.

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