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Friday, February 17, 2017

Nuns With Guns: Laurie And Missy The End Of The Innocence

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what other girls are made of.  Not Missy and Laurie.  Drugs and hate and nothing that mates, that's what Missy and Laurie are made of.  Today, like every day, was another attempt at trying to convince everyone that the pair of girls that hate men are able to pull the wool over the eyes of everyone again and focus the attention on anyone but themselves would work...but when you are a wolf in sheep's clothing the wool that is being pulled is covering only your own eyes.  Why bother spending so much time trying to convince yourself that you aren't who you say you are to people that you've already shown that you are who you say you aren't.   We know you ladies.  You aren't nuns in habits.  You are two girls with a bad habit that don't get none.  You're nuns with guns!

I had a thought the other night that I wanted to expound upon here for just a second.  This one I want to make very clear.  Both of you spend a whole lot of time man bashing.  That's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard of.  First of all neither of you is qualified to say much about men.  You don't date them.  They don't date you.  You haven't had sex with them.  They don't have sex with you.  You both sit there and act like they don't know what to do with a woman, but how often have either of you had the experience in thirty years or more to have had a man sexually do anything with you.  Not that you've wanted them to.  You're lesbians.  You are qualified to talk about women sexually.  Not men.  You aren't qualified to discuss men sexually with women.  So stop it.  Both of you act like so called experts when it comes to men, but neither of you has had a boyfriend, a husband, a man friend or anything like stop going around bashing men.  If you want to bash women, that's one thing, but don't go around acting like some kind of MAN EXPERT...neither one of you has had a man since your dad's threw you out of his home.  It's ridiculous how much you "HATE MEN" when men have had nothing to do with either of you.  IT's women that you have problems with...let's get that straight here!!!

The both of you go around acting like men objectify women.  Let's put this into perspective for everyone.  First let's start with Missy.

You objectify yourself.  You shove your titties in men's faces and want them to notice your body.  You wear clothes that get men's attention then criticize them for paying attention to you. I'm not suggesting to you that a man has the right to expect you to be some "kind" of a woman, but you don't have the right to think of a man as "some kind" of an animal for noticing what YOU are putting out there either.  You worked in a Gentlemen's Club and acted offended when men noticed your body.  What in the fuck did you expect?  You are what we call a hypocrite.  There are plenty of girls out there that would love to have that job that don't mind using what God gave them to make money without feeling like a man appreciating their good looks is offensive as long as they abide by the rules.  YOU are way past the point of that kind of behavior when you start passing off your bad attitude towards the clientèle that come in and pay your bills because they look at your butt when you walk by.  The other thing you do is change that up when one of those men has's perfectly fine to show off those tits to a millionaire and calls you Ms. Cleavage when he has money...but if that guy is poor, then he's "one of those offensive monkeys" that you hate.  Not every man is ruled by his penis, despite what your 1980's training has told you.  You generalize, you stereotype, you think all men are the same and if a man did this to a woman you would be offended.  We are just as different and complicated as women are...get a fucking clue.  You are a total misogynist...your problems stem from women that are prettier than you and more successful than you at relationships.  Drugs and love are your problems...not men.  We are an excuse for your lack of success.

Then there is Laurie.  Oh my God, you just wish men would objectify you.  There hasn't been a man interested in your sorry assed body in decades.  You want any man to pay attention to you and treat you like you were sexy.  None ever does though.  You think they all look at you and tell everyone that they do, but nobody has ever looked at you twice.  "Did you see how everyone was staring at me?" Bullshit.   Your problem is the opposite of Missy's.  You wish someone would pay the tiniest bit of attention to you sexually.  You hate men because they don't want you.  What most women hate about the bar scene you couldn't scare up if you had a "Free Vagina" sign hanging around your neck.  No man is attracted to you.  You just are dying for any man to proposition you so you can turn him down like Missy.  If it could just happen once.  It never does though.  How can so many women be turning down so much penis and not a single one can get hard for you?  You keep hearing about all these girls that can't find anything but one night stands and you can't find a single one.  You'd take a poke in the parking lot but nobody's following you because your freaking big mouth turns everyone off the second you darken a room.  You hate men because men think you are such a robo dyke and it is so obvious that they aren't interested.  No heterosexual man is interested in asking out Martina Navratilova, offense Martina, love your serve.  It's so obvious that they just aren't going to bother.

Let's face it girls you don't have problems with men, you have problems with women.  You're looking for love in all the wrong places and blaming men because no women are interested.  You spend all your time man bashing and gold digging in man mines than no women are finding you.  There isn't a decent lessie alive that's interested in hearing two lesbians bitch about gay men 24/7.  They've got Carrie Underwood to discuss.  Get over us.

This whole thing about "men invented high heel shoes to torture women" and "men invented nylons" and shit like that that you two girls perpetuate, let me tell you something, men are not that complicated.  We do not think like that.  We are not what you think we are.  We do not look at women and say, "Well, she's a size 3 so she's acceptable", that's what women do to women.  It's not what men think!  Women are far harder on women than men ever could be.  Men are not that complicated.  You all look at these fashion magazines and each other and think, "that's what men think are perfect".  Do you think we are looking at those magazines?  Hell no!  All we think about is what's in front of us.  We don't do as much comparing as you think.  You have a much greater advantage over us just by being awesome right then and there.  You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be yourself, right then and there.  Be your best woman when you are right there...that's the key to being great with the man of your choice.  I've just given every woman in the world the secret.

Missy and Laurie like to lay off all of their insecurities with women on men because their inadequacies as women are easier to explain if it is a man's fault.  Something that they have nothing to do with.  Which man was it Missy? Which man was it Laurie?  If is was a man that did you wrong, name him.  Name them.  Name which gay man did you ladies so much harm that you had to fuck with so damn many of us.  Put a name to it.  I guarantee you it wasn't me.  Right Laurie?  Who in the fuck was it Missy?  You two run around hating men so damn much that we all are dying to know which damn one did it to you?  I'll bet his name starts with a woman.  It's time to step off of our penises.

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