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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lying For Laurie: I'm So Not Impressed!

It just never ends around here.  I swear to God everyone in my life lies to me.  My own father just lied right to my face.  My sister lies to me.  Everyone lies.  It's no wonder anyone ever tells the truth any more.  I'm suppose to love these people and all they do is lie for Laurie.  For years, people that I love have heard this monster that followed me around with stalkers, picture taking, gun toting, AIDS carrying freaks tell horrible rumors about me like she was some kind of Dear Abbey that knew all about my life but worked for the FBI.  They would sneak into my room and look through my things on her advice but never own up to where they got the information from.  It's such an invasion of my privacy and my life.  Now they are talking behind my back and acting like I'm some kind of degenerate person that sponges off of them.  I'm supposed to love them, while they are using me?  It's one of these weird situations where I don't know whether I love them or whether I don't want them in my life anymore.

A few years ago, I remember my father getting really pissed off because someone broke into the back of his pickup truck and took his really old tool belt.  He thinks that I don't remember it, but I remember it very clearly.  I know because he's a contractor that has worn the same tool belt for centuries.  Seriously, when you are the kid of a contractor, one thing that you know is his father's tool belt.  It's like his partner.  You've seen it a million times.  It's worn in.  It's like his friend.  I would know it anywhere.  You could put like a thousand of them side by side and I could pick it out of a line up.  I know it so well, it is like a member of our family.  It's unique, one of a kind.  Ask any contractor and they will tell you the same.  He was pissed off that someone would steal it.  Really mad.  He made a big deal out of it too.  Some other stuff was taken too, but the tool belt ticked him off.   You know it was taken right out of his front yard.

I've heard Laurie talk about taking it.  I've heard Junior say he took it.  They've taken other things from our parent's front yard too.  My iPod, my Monster jacket, rings, stuff from our cars, my apartment keys, my car keys, my scrap book, stuff from my trailer and all kinds of things.  What I was really pissed off about was that Missy was letting Junior and Laurie get so close to my family's home.  This is a home where M.Katherine Jensen, Esq. knew that Laurie knew I was living, she had to, she sent a copy of the restraining order there.  She also knew where I live now, she sent a copy here too.  So it isn't like Laurie can claim she doesn't know where they live.

So today I've been wanting to ask my father about the tool belt that went missing a long time ago that he was making such a big deal about years ago that was stolen.  The same one that Laurie's been saying that she or her brother stole.  Wouldn't you know it, all of a sudden, my dad says that it wasn't stolen!  It's right in his truck where it's always been.  HUH?  Now how in the world could that be?   How in the universe did that happen?  The missing, made a huge deal about it tool belt just showed up out of nowhere.  Did Laurie's mom give it back?  Did my sister tell him to lie about it?  Seems awfully odd that what was once missing and such a HUGE deal is now back where it belongs.  Someone is lying to me.  AGAIN!

What I want to know is why is my family lying to me?  Why in the world are they trying to make me look like I'm a liar.  It's the same thing that they are doing to my mother.  My mom is the nicest woman in the universe.  She is trying so hard to figure out what in the Hell is going on with her finances, but for some reason can't figure out what is going on with her money and rather than someone telling her what the truth is, they are letting her look like she is losing her mind.  I've lost thousands of dollars in savings that I've never even touched.  Family members were allowed to borrow money from that account and put it back but when I went to use it, it just disappeared and none of them seem to know anything about the account at all.  Now how could they have borrowed money from that account and now they don't know anything about it?

It just doesn't seem to make any sense at all.  Lying. Over and over again, these people are keeping these secrets and it's getting to the point where it's making me feel like they would rather lie for Laurie then tell the truth.  My sister hasn't owned up to the little secrets that Laurie's told her over the years the soda can safe she went through, or the burn on the carpet in the guest room, or the crack pipe in the trailer, or the pot that was stashed in high school, or the calls when I was in college about my drug usage...these add up over time and she isn't being honest about it, at all, but I have proof of those conversations...and I'm not happy about them at all.

There is something that I've been aware of for a very long time with all of this that I should make you all aware of too.  I do realize that Laurie has a tremendous desire to make herself look like she's an angel.  I also realize her overwhelming need to be completely innocent looking.  I think that ship has sailed.  What your silence affords her is so much time to create that kind of chaos.  Many of you that read this know what a load of crap that is.  You know that she is a loud mouthed bullshit artist.  There is no doubt that she is who I know she is.  It is the rest of the world that she is trying to convince.  Your silence is what she is counting on.  It isn't me that she is so concerned about, it is YOU.  When you keep her secret, you have done me a disservice.  You are helping her to force me to live her lie.  You all know who she is and what she is doing.  Running around and making up these not so fascinating stories about her life, isn't really connecting with you.  It's offensive.  It offends me but I am use to the indignity.

She is banking on her ability to keep you at bay, so I'm wondering what keeps you all silent?  Is it Jeffrey?  Is it your fear that someone will follow you?  Are you fearful that you will look like a crack pot too?  I can understand that one, it's not the most fun job in the world.  I can use the help out here.  One thing I can tell you is this.  If you are a victim of this crime, you are helping so many other people that it actually feels good to say something where other people can hear you.  I find it to be therapeutic.  I am surprised that other victims haven't done this more often.  The freedom that you get when you speak your truth, is amazing.   When you fire back at Laurie or one of these operators in a place where other people can read what you have to say, it makes you feel good.

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