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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Laurie's Phone Tree: Sometimes It's Not What She Says, It's Who She Says It To

I'm okay, really, I am (see above).

Okay, so today we are shifting gears again and we are looking into what goes on at a different level of this kind of system.  We all know that Laurie isn't really smart enough to do all of this on her own when it comes to covering her tracks.  No, not the ones on her arms, that just takes a whole lot of makeup, we're talking about the tracks that she leaves behind when she robs a home or breaks a person's skull.  Let's just say she isn't a crime scene expert and she doesn't understand the finer workings of DNA, so sloppy butt, has to have lots of help when it comes to making herself disappear.  Her first line of defense has always been, the police.

When they do show up, it's usually someone that she finds and sends to the crime scene or to a victim's home to report the case.  In my case, nobody came to the hospital even when the hospital reported the rape to the PSPD.  I waited and waited, but nobody showed.  I sat there with my head broken into pieces and couldn't figure out why nobody came to take my report.  This was the second visit to the emergency room.  I had my bloody clothing with me in a paper bag and I had my second MRI done and I was sitting and waiting but nobody came to take my report.  On the first visit, I was still confused about the rape and was driven by Steven Frey.  I still hadn't put together what had happened and was scared to call it a rape, but by two days later, I was was a rape and it was going to be reported that way.  I even told Steven I was going to report it.  Since nobody came and the doctors told me, via xray, not the MRI that was done, that nothing was wrong, I knew something was up.  Someone was fucking with me.  My head told me that I was severely bloody clothing and body was badly beaten...the police weren't showing up.  Who was calling around and fucking with this?

This is what I know.

When there is a crisis in Laurie's world after she's done something stupid like this and left evidence all over the place, she goes into "crisis mode".  Someone has to call the hospital and get rid of the MRI evidence and talk to the emergency room people to discredit me.  How in the world this happens with the kinds of injuries that I had, I can't tell you.  I certainly made them aware of how I was feeling and showed them my clothing and everything and they called the cops.  In the end they did not look at the MRI's that were done and listened to someone over the phone.  A huge mistake.  Who did Laurie call or who did this for her to cover up this mistake?  The second question is who called off the officer that was suppose to be dispatched to the hospital emergency room where I should have been interviewed just days after the rape?

After two visits to the emergency room and a month of agonizing pain, Bryan Anderson suggested that I call the PSPD and report the rape myself and I did. They dispatched Officer Kelly Fieux.  Who then proceeded to act very different than a "normal cop would act".  What did Laurie say to this cop to make him this way?  He was combative and extremely rude and he lied while taking the information.  It was horrible the way he treated me.  The next night he arrested me and took me to jail in a towel without any charges being pressed.  It was odd to say the least.

In other cases, like robberies, other implanted police officers show up and give misinformation about crime labs not being called.   They will tell you things like, "We don't typically do these kinds of things" when they really do.  They don't take down enough information.  They don't do a full investigation.  These are all things to destroy an investigation that would provide evidence that would get Laurie and her brother caught for evidence that they left behind.  You see if the mistakes that they left, like fingerprints or blood aren't discovered, then there is no case against them.  These cops are the ones that Laurie is "asking a small favor of."  It happens all too often.

In our case, a lab has come out after the fact and done this work and collected these samples around the police or after the rogue cop has been there and done the DNA work and proven that Laurie and Brian were there and they are the suspects, allegedly.  The same DNA in our virus, is the same DNA at the crime scenes and the same DNA in our HIV strands, thus the burglars are the rapists.  The only problem is that someone at the police department has been asking for reports that show something different from the lab.  A cop or cops have been calling the lab and asking for a "no result" report after the regular reports...thus we have conflicting we have cops that are doing favors for Laurie getting results for Laurie that contradict reports giving the truth for the police.  What yields the truth is that Laurie and Brian are getting favors from certain officers that are getting kick backs from a lab official for some unknown reason.  Why would someone at the lab be doing this?  Who is at the lab and what is that person benefiting from this "no result" report.

You see when the same two people keep getting off because the police are getting them "no result" reports, then they are obviously in cahoots with these officers.  The officers have to make the requests but the favor is done for the suspects.  What did the officers do to put themselves in this position?  Are they being blackmailed?  What are they being blackmailed for?  What is Laurie holding over their heads that makes them so compliant to do something so stupid and so easy to find?

This lab person needs to be investigated and terminated.

Then there are the other people that do favors for these people too.  The district attorneys.  The court secretaries.  The commissioners.  The other officers in other departments that use to work at the PSPD that now work elsewhere.  All of these law enforcement officers need to be aware of what is happening with Laurie.  This situation has become something much more sinister than they know.  Working as a team to stop her has become much more critical to keeping a chief of police employed than it use to be.   The thing is that now that he is making the effort, he needs to know what Laurie does to try to get him fired.  She's done it many many times.  You have to do what Jeffrey and I do and keep a daily journal of your efforts to stop her.  Your intentions are always better written and known.  Laurie has a tendency to twist whatever she can into something sinister.  If she doesn't like you, she'll do just about anything crazy to stop you from talking about her.  Creating problems for her is the best way to keep her off guard.  That's my best advice.  Keep her putting out fires all day and night.

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