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Oh she's just been awful lately...thinking that she's in so much control over everyones' families. Little Miss Big Mouth Lori and her friends trying to control everyone and what they have to say about her. I just want you all to know that she isn't controlling anything about me right now. I'm working and it takes a lot of effort at this point to keep a perfect standard with my job and do this project. The investigation into Lori's problems with her system of torture and thievery falls onto the shoulders of Christopher Monti, Anthony Dabiere and Jonathan Mendenhall at this point. Look to them to do the job that I can't do at this point...they should be working as hard as ever to bring justice to the masses. I can only do what I can living so close to the Mistress of Hate. Under the current circumstances, I have a family to watch out for and I have to earn a isn't easy with a killer living down the street. These three men are perfectly capable of ruining Lori's life...they should be doing just that. Non-violently, of course...
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Saturday, February 4, 2017

It's Not Like She's On My Mind, She's Stuck Outside Of My Skull, There's A Difference!!!

You can't imagine how little I think about Laurie on my own.  There is a way to prove it though...thanks to her own technology, you will, someday be able to see that the only time Laurie enters my mind, is when someone forces her to be there.  You won't ever hear any of my friends tell you that I talk about her outside of this very project.  Nothing.  Not a single word.  You know why?  It's because she is nothing to me.  She doesn't matter to me on any level at all.  I would do anything at all to never have to think about her ever again and tell everyone never to bring that name up to me.

I don't want her near me.  I don't need to hear her voice.  I don't want to see her.  We were never friendly.  None of my friends are friends of hers.  There isn't a single reason for our paths to cross.  Not one.  Her "relationship" with me, is one sided and forced only by her.  Ask Bryan Anderson and many others who pushes that envelope and he will tell you...she initiates that contact, not me.  Ask her former "attorney" from the City of La Quinta, who initiated that contact, it certainly wasn't me.  In fact during that entire time, my fight wasn't with was one of complete passivity...that is because I want nothing to do with anyone that has contact with Laurie.  The only contacts I had dealt with what the law allowed and required as proof of service.

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