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Sunday, February 19, 2017

I'm Positive That My Money Will Be Returned To Me Right Marilyn Katzenberg?

I would just hate to have to have my father make a call to Bryan Anderson to see if Jeffrey Katzenberg has something to do with my money being taken from my bank account so that I couldn't have it.  It would be a real shame to think that they would both be lying to my family and have something to do with my finances being stolen then be proven to be working with the police department, wouldn't it?  I'd like to believe that this situation would be resolved with the police and Jeffrey explaining to me that this situation was finished and that the money that I'd saved working part time was a misunderstanding and that I was getting it back along wit the donations made to my family, before the end of this month so that we weren't put through another month of bills piling up.  It's a shame to think that this couldn't be resolved with a simple conversation with my friends and their parents because there was one holdout.  Don't you think so Chief Reyes?

I certainly hope that a simple conversation would easily resolve this misunderstanding so that the individuals responsible for that scam could be held responsible for taking that money and that I would have my hard earned savings returned to me.  I would like to be moving out of this area in the next month or so and that money was earmarked for that reason.  Now, it has become an impossibility for me to work on this case for the federal government and the SDPD because this money was stolen.  Certainly $30,000 was enough money for me to move out of this area and work on this case for the Southern District of California and the SDPD, but now that it is being held by Jeffrey and I can't use it, it has become difficult for me to understand why it is not being returned.  This reminds me of the Nichols' case with the PSPD where informants had their money taken as informants and held without their consent or knowledge for some unknown reason and couldn't get it returned to them.  I don't know of any reason or legality why this was done.  Certainly my attorney, Lisa J. Damiani, would like this money returned to me as soon as possible.

I'd also like to say that I'm not impressed with the way this money has been taken and my sister was told to lie about it to me.  That wasn't something that I am proud of either.  When I save that kind of money on my own and it just disappears, it causes friction between family members.  I didn't make a big deal out of it hoping to avoid a problem between myself and my sister, but perhaps that was part of the scam that Missy, Bessie and David came up with.  I am wondering if this is what the trio told her to tell me?  The scam made my sister feel like shit and now I'm the person that isn't happy with any of the trio.  There is nothing worse than thinking that these three people tried to scam my sister after nine years of sitting here hurting me.  That Jeffrey is taking his time in getting this back to me is very hurtful.  He should have been talking to my family with Bryan Anderson by now with the Chief of Police.  It's very sad.  This whole situation should have been resolved long ago.  I worked my ass off on this case.  I've never seen anyone go so mistreated for so long.

The glass, for me, has always been half full though.  I don't know how I've managed to stay positive.  It's my outlook.  I'm that kind of a person.  I know that clean living and a positive outlook is how I've made such terrific friends.  I know that my life is charmed in a really weird way.  If not, I wouldn't be here to tell you this story.  You might, someday, look at all the terrible things that happened to me and think, "How, in the world can he think he's had a lucky life?"  I think, "How can you not think I'm lucky?  I'm still alive to tell it to you."  That's lucky.  It may not be pretty or wealthy or anything like that, but it is still alive.  That's a lucky life considering what I've been through.  There are a lot of things that I think about and I do wonder what it would have been like without all the stuff that was influenced by other people, but that isn't really what happened...what happened is what happened.  The path I was directed down was the one I got.  I did the best I could with the road that was can't really look back when you have my life.  You can look forward and plan, but when someone takes stuff like your bank account, you just realize that it's another way that your life can only be so planned.  At that point you regroup and think,'s just another thing that happened and you move past it.  I'm 50, almost now, and you move on.  If you let every single road bump get the best of you, you'll lose.  This is just another road bump.  You get over it and you move past it.

Lot's of people define their lives by the things that happen to them.   I define mine by the way I handle the things that happen.  I have lots of shit that happens, and how I deal with them is how I define me.  Either I fail at my way of dealing with it or I succeed.  I like to succeed.  So when shit like this money thing happens, I try to find a better way of dealing with it.  It sucks, for sure, but if I let Jeffrey or someone else define me by it, I won't succeed.  So I'll deal with it another way.

There will be many other obstacles in this lifetime.  Hopefully they won't all be about money.  When they are, I will deal with them too.  When they are about other things, I will try to handle them with the same kind of understanding and grace that I handle the other things that come up.  Life is odd the way it doles out your problems and how you plan for them.  When you think you have them all planned for you get one that you didn't.  It's just the way it goes.  Better to try your best to cope your best when it comes up.

Positive attitude and a positive approach will always be my way of dealing with it.

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