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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

If "Too Far" Was A Place, Jeffrey Passed It Three Months Ago

There's a big difference between a joke and cruelty.  This is no joke.  What I've had to endure lately is beyond the scope of any kind of prank or punchline, it's just downright cruelty to another human being.  There isn't any explanation for it.  There isn't any kind of way to put it on a scale and say well, you did this to me so this is how I counter balanced it.  This is simply a case of cruelty.  How cruel can one person be to another person that did nothing to him.  That is what this is.  It's about what can I do to help you while you fuck me over in the worst way possible?

There are people in this world that want to hurt you.  That is something that I've known since I was nine years old.  There are people in this world that don't give a shit about you and would see you die.  I've known that one since about nineteen.  I've never known that there are some people out there that simply want to destroy everything that is good about you for a laugh until now.  Not only do they want to destroy you, they want to hurt your entire family because you are a good person.  They want your entire family to suffer because you are a great person to know and you relate to people better than they do.  Jeffrey Katzenberg, is the single most cruel man that I've ever known.  He is literally the most hatefilled man on this planet.  I will never understand why he went so far for so long for such a small reason.  Nothing actually.  He literally took something I worked on my whole life and turned it into nothing.  Just because he thought it was funny.  He thinks he's cute.  I think he's the least likely person to go to Heaven.  I think his wife is the second least likely.

For all the good they think that their money has done, you should see the evil it's been doing in the dark.  What you don't see is what their money is doing outside of Hollywood. The people that they associate with when the cameras aren't on and the things they do when they aren't being photographed aren't the kinds of people that movie stars should be associated with.  Bessie Smith, Missy Pissy, David Douchebag and Laurie LaTweeker?  There aren't the kinds of people that society throws away, they burn them in a trash heap.  What Jeffrey is doing without any of you knowing is torturing people.  He's like that CEO that goes home and puts on adult baby clothes and pretends to be a toddler all weekend so that he can be pampered, then puts his business suit on Monday morning and returns to being an asshole the rest of the week.  Only when Jeffrey goes home he puts on his harness, his leather chaps, his mask and whip and start plotting whatever evil thing comes to his mind next.  He's a masochist, a sadist and a hateful assed father.  He isn't nice.  For those of you that think he is, you are the ones that are fooled.  You are the ones that make up the lies that keep you working, but the rest of us know that he's nothing like what you tell people he is.

Jeffrey thinks he's getting away with something here...I'm telling all of you he's trying to pit my sister against me.  That fucking shit is only going to end with pitting me against his son in a court of law.  After that it's going to be the U.S. Attorney versus Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg.  DO NOT EVER TRY to put me against my sister you fucking little man.  Just because your sister hates you, does not mean that my sister is going to hate me.  I do not want to argue with my sister over money.  I don't want to argue with her over anything,  She will bulldoze me and act like she has nothing to do with it and I know that in the long run it will make her feel bad.  I have no need for this.  My life is complicated enough without adding to her sorrow.  She's had enough pain in her life thanks to Missy, Bessie and Laurie, adding to that with Jeffrey, Kenny, Bryan Anderson and others, is not my goal.  If they want to see how far they can push a family that has already gone through hell, they can do it from the other side of the courtroom.  As defendants.  When you are trusted as friends to stop something instead of add to it, and all you do is add to the pain with your ignorance, you deserve to go to jail.  You have done nothing but make this experience worse for me and my family and I, personally, have no way of expressing to you how disappointed I am and how angry I am that my brother in laws death means so little to you all.  You know what happened and this is how you treated my sister and me again.  He trusted let him down.

As for Christopher, what can you say?  He's as small a man as his father could be disappointed in.  He's nothing like the man he use to boast about.  He's nothing like that guy.  Tiny, puny, unimportant to others, I don't believe his father was anything like that, but his son is.  Unimportant, a non-factor.   What I knew he was capable of, money took away.  Sad, really...but when people realize the Katzenberg dream, the dreams of other people die...and that's what happened at DreamWorks Animation.  Jeffrey killed his own company...his dreams came true, so he killed everyone else's. He wanted China...fuck his American workers...fuck all the people he told he would never leave....China or nothing.  His partners said, "Not now."  So he took his $400 million ball and left the playground.  Fuck all those jobs and families, Jeffrey didn't get his way...(insert lip pout here!!!)  Jeffrey is a baby...if he doesn't get his way he pouts.  He's not getting his way with me so he bought all my friends up.  Guess they weren't friends.  Think that bothers me?  Nope.  You see if you can be bought by a baby, you can be sold by him too.  He'll sell them out too.  Think I'll feel bad? Nope.

I don't really care about people without hearts and feelings.  I'm not Gordon Gekko.  Greed might be good for Jeffrey, but it is bad for the justice system he's going to face for being such a hard ass with me.  I did nothing wrong Jeff.  I tried to help you.  I tried to be kind to your kid.  I did nothing but find your stolen belongings and stolen movies and I told you about them.  You couldn't be's a shame people like you are so bitter.

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