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She's at it again. Trying to fill the roles of "mother and father", Lori likes to "get her ideas" from people that she feels are "more normal" than she is. That really isn't hard, but the interesting thing that she does is pick family members as her next victims to use. Lately, she's turned to calling Jeffrey Katzenberg her "father" and Marilyn her "mother" as if she could simply throw their names around like rag dolls. The problems in Lori's tiny little mind are tremendous...her solutions are tiny. What she can't fix is her past amount of lying is going to do that. What she wanted was wealthy parents and a sister that would do anything for her. What she got is a drug addicted brother and parents that don't really like her much. It's a simple solution...put her in jail for the things she can't explain. Don't wait, that little mind of hers is as "soap opera" creative as her "soap opera" life.
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Friday, February 17, 2017

I Heard Laurie Likes To Serve People Topless...I'd Like To Serve Her A Cup Too


Before you get started, not that you or Missy ever went to sleep last night, I thought I'd pour you both a nice hot steaming cup of advice.  "Shut the fuck up!"  You two girls seem to have a knack for opening your big fat bitch assed mouths at the wrong time together.  What you think you are accomplishing together isn't nearly as impressive as how completely tragic as how the rest of us are getting a glimpse into your psychotic world of tiny lesbian "get off on each other" games.  "Let's play A-B-C," Laurie tells Missy this morning, "it's the most basic form of pissing people off.  You just say whatever comes to mind."  Uh, you actually have to give it a name?  These two girls literally have to name a game after what their psychoses is...when we all just know it's sexual frustration for each other and for not turning into anything during your lives because all you ever did was drugs.

Let's be honest girls, you aren't special in any capacity.  A spread in Playboy, which I doubt is even true.  It was probably her sister.  Spreading her vagina on the high school baseball field for a cross dresser to have sex with her during second period...before she got kicked out...Laurie and Missy aren't really counting these as their biggest accomplishments in life, are they?  Girls, selling drugs isn't exactly the glamor job of the century.  Especially the way you two barely do it.  Who's selling the way you two use it?

There's so little being sold and so much being used...

You haven't "lost your way" built Meth City, that's where you live.  You founded it. Lost your way, how cute.  Laurie's arm is like a directional sprinkler head.  She can't even hold water.  If she gives herself an enema she could possibly water Dodger Stadium.  She had to stop drinking because of the drought.  She's like a water park attraction.

Let me give you both a huge piece of advice here.  Stop selling drugs.  You aren't good at it.  Stop talking.  You aren't good at it.  Stop are wasting air.  The two of you are like a bio-hazzard.  Greenpeace is going to buy a van and park it outside of Laurie home and harpoon Missy's ass if it gets any bigger.  I can't imagine what you two girls are cooking up inside that home of yours.  Two lesbian homemakers.

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