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Thursday, February 9, 2017

How Much Do You Want To Bet? Laurie's Revenge! Time To Be On Highest Alert Everyone!!!

Just ask Christopher Waite and Tracy in the Cathedral City Cove or perhaps the woman that lived in the apartment complex across from the Palm Springs Library 20 or so years ago or perhaps go back to high school and ask Andy Barton and the Asst. Vice Principal and you will find out that when Little Miss Sociopath isn't getting her way, she likes to burn things.  Like houses.  Then she likes to stand there and watch them burn.  She's a regular Firestarter, allegedly.  The thing that concerns me now is a recent conversation that happened that was innocent enough, but was overheard by Laurie that I am certain set her off.  Does anyone have a recent story about Laurie complaining that she wasn't thought of by her uncle in a house that she wasn't offered to be living in???

When Laurie set up one of her relatives to have problems with drugs illicitly placed in her car without her knowledge, it set forth a series of events that proved to be catastrophic for her relative's father.  This is the man that I am extremely fond of and has been a close friend to my sister and family now for years.  The relative she set up, is also a very good friend of mine and she should never have been put in the position that she was in.  She's like the nicest girl in the universe.  When I told her that I was an informant for the police and that she needed to stay away from Laurie, somehow Laurie managed to put drugs in her car and she got busted for them.  She didn't know they were there.  This isn't the first time I've seen this happen with Laurie.  She's done this to Steven Frey and others, but nobody ever believes anyone that's had problems with drugs in the past.  The old, "they aren't mine and I don't know how that got there" excuse never works and everyone in your family disbelieves you.  Then the problems come at work, home, with your's a nightmare.  (Especially with my sister looming around...I know that feeling all too well, thanks to Laurie!)  So her relative lost her job and her home that her father owned.

As it would happen, one of my family members could move into the home with her family and could help out with the house payment and work that part of the problem out.  It's not the best solution for Laurie's relative, but it helps.  It works out for my family member whom is close with Laurie's family...and that makes everyone happy, but Laurie.  Laurie thinks, as always, that everyone should come running to her assistance when she has a crisis, even though she's caused nothing but problems for this man and his daughter.  Laurie's the person that caused so much of the problems in the past for all of us...and now she thinks that he should GIVE HER THIS HOME FREE AND CLEAR!  HUH?  Half the time she tells me that he isn't related to her and the other time she wants him to give her the world.   Laurie is a total freak.

His family is terrific to us. They are close with my sister and we love them very much.  I've done nothing but try to warn them about what she is truly like.  I've never really been able to tell them how sick she is because for the longest time I didn't realize she was behind what I was going through.  Heck, I didn't realize what I was going through, but when I learned it was her, I knew that I had to warn these two first and I did that.  She wants to hurt his two kids and my sister and myself the most of all!!!  I don't know why?  For some reason the four of us are her most hated.  Their kids are next in line.

Now that she thinks that she's been slighted by not being handed this home, she wants to burn it down.  If you think I am exaggerating, you need look no further than Christopher Waite and Tracy's home in the Cat City Cove.  That home was burned to the ground with four people living inside of it and it could have killed all four.  Laurie was living only blocks away.  Someone was living in their garage at the time and it may have been Brian.  I've spoken with Tracy about that just prior to the fire.  One of the inhabitant of that home was Greg Sugg, a frequent flyer on Laurie's radar and the man that Christopher was sent to spy on when Mrs. Monti called me the first time confused that the police had sent him home from the scene.  Greg is a friend of mine from San Diego and has been arrested many times because of Laurie.  In fact all of the inhabitants of that home were frequent guests of the Laurie System of turn and burn, emphasis on the burn.

What I'm concerned about is the burn factor right now because Laurie has a tendency to get a little hot under the collar these days when she perceives to be slighted by a family that she implants or spies on.  I don't quite understand her logic here.  What exactly do that owe you Laurie?  A lifetime of gratitude for what?  Grief?  I know the feeling well...all too well actually.  Do you honestly think to can scare us into handing you over things that you will never ever get?  It isn't going to happen little girl.  You simply do not scare people like us into submission.  We will fight back without ever flinching.  None of us are the kinds of people that like living in fear.  There isn't a single doubt in my mind that you think that you are some kind of mafia drug dealer that has some kind of control over us.  We aren't those kinds of people.  Your aging brother isn't scaring us.  Your crack headed logic isn't working.  I am certain that you mom, your aunts, your sister, your cousins and none of my family would be afraid of you.  What you are doing isn't smart.

I know you go around telling people, "You don't know what I am capable of!"  That's really not something that you should say to people that know you as well as we do.  We do know what you are capable of Laurie, that's really a problem for you, not us.  Convincing a lawyer is all we need to do.   I have the skull to prove it.  I have the blood to prove it.  It's really not impressive Laurie.  It's an admission of guilt.  If you think that is impressive, wait until you see what we can do with it, in a court of law.  I'm going to help your family show everyone just what you are capable of and then we'll see just how proud of yourself you really are.  Keep up the good work there Laurie, you are making this easier than I ever thought you could.  

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