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She's at it again. Trying to fill the roles of "mother and father", Lori likes to "get her ideas" from people that she feels are "more normal" than she is. That really isn't hard, but the interesting thing that she does is pick family members as her next victims to use. Lately, she's turned to calling Jeffrey Katzenberg her "father" and Marilyn her "mother" as if she could simply throw their names around like rag dolls. The problems in Lori's tiny little mind are tremendous...her solutions are tiny. What she can't fix is her past amount of lying is going to do that. What she wanted was wealthy parents and a sister that would do anything for her. What she got is a drug addicted brother and parents that don't really like her much. It's a simple solution...put her in jail for the things she can't explain. Don't wait, that little mind of hers is as "soap opera" creative as her "soap opera" life.
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Monday, February 20, 2017

Have MORE Patience? You Stole My Money After Nine Full Years!

Jeffrey has the nerve to say, "Be more patient?"  What in the fuck does that mean?  In nine years he and his wife did absolutely nothing for this investigation for me and at the end of it he stole and scammed $30.000 from my savings account that he won't give back!  He flat out refuses to give it to me.  He says he's teaching me a lesson!  What in the fuck is that?  Today my medicare is cancelled and his wife is sitting there acting like a fucking bitch about doing this.  She and her husband scammed my sister out of my bank account and won't give me back six years of savings.

This is the woman with her own AIDS I can't get AIDS medications.  I'm going to ruin her AIDS Foundation.  This is absolute madness!!!  He wants me to be more patient???  For what?  So he can ruin my parents???? NO!!! He's ruined my relationship.  He's ruined my investigation.  He's ruined my rape case.  He's ruined my life.  Now he wants me to be more patient while his lesbian girlfriend drives around in a convertible that he bought with six years of my savings???

Fuck you Jeffrey Katzenberg, you can sit on my patient dick!

I want my money can keep the ex-boyfriend for yourself.

The thing that is so amazing about Jeffrey is how unamazing he is.  There is nothing about this guy that is impressive.  He absolutely thinks he's impressive.  He stole money from me. He scammed it.  He took my savings account from me and had my family do it.  He thinks that it is going to cause some kind of major family drama that he is going to sit and watch unfold in front of his eyes, but I'm not going to let him see it.  I'm just going to let them all think that I don't know about it.  I'm going to play like it doesn't bother me.  I'm going to let my sister think that I'm stupid.  I don't know anything about it. One thing that I am not impressed with, at all, is how nonchalant she was about lying to me about it.  I gave her one chance to tell me the truth.  She lied right to my face.  I won't ever confront her about it again.  From this point forward I won't mention it again.  I will proceed with legal action until it comes time for an arrest.  She won't know what hit her.

If she wants to pretend that nothing happened, then she can go down that road with Bessie and the others too.  I will play that game too.  I will have my attorneys and the police work on it that way as well.  Once the case is made, I will have the guilty parties arrested and if she falls into that category, she will go to jail just like the rest.  I won't have a confrontation with my sister, because I won't be that kind of brother.

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