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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Now David Geffen and Steven Spielberg Know What Missy Pissy Is Like!!!

"Oh Jeffrey should show that mean old Steven Spielberg and that homosexual David Geffen who's really the genius at DreamWorks and screw them out of all that money you make for them"...can't you just hear Missy Pissy saying that to Jeff while she strokes his bald backstabbing head at night?

I can.  I'm sorry Uncle David and Steven.  I could have told you years ago that Missy's influence over your friend Jeffrey Katzenberg would end in something like a $400 million highway robbery severance from your own DreamWorks animation company.  Wait a minute here.   Isn't DreamWorks animation something of a dream job for Jeffrey?  Why would he need to start his own company?  What's the point?  Far East DreamWorks was going to do the same thing weren't they?  Why the new company all on your own with investors Jeff?  I mean what happened to the happy trio of Katzenberg, Geffen and Spielberg?  I thought the three of you on Newsweek was forever?  HIGHWAY FUCKING ROBBERY!!!!

Jeffrey Katzenberg with is $1 dollar a year salary for Disney as a way to show everyone that he loved animation so much that he would take no more than a dollar because of the Michael Eisenberg severance is absolutely meaningless now that he's taken his own company for a far larger percentage of a loss in severance and jobs right before he robbed them blind to start his own company.  You know who DreamWorks has to thank for Jeffrey's new bravado?  Good old Missy Pissy!  He's just worth so much to her.

Bullshit.  No man can stand on such moral high ground for so many years against losing jobs for because of big severance paid CEO's like Eisenberg's then do a complete 180 degree turn now unless someone is influencing them.  The only one I know that is doing this is that fucking slut Missy Pissy.  All she ever does is tell him what a stud he is.  You know something stud, you just lost all the respect I could have ever had for you and I hope Hollywood takes notice too.  I hope there isn't a single actor or actress that doesn't realize what you did.  You cut so many jobs at DreamWorks animation before you left then you took your partners for $400 million dollars in severance pay.  That's just beyond fucking rude.  These men were your friends.  These men built a company with you.  These men did so much for other people and you, took them for a ride.  I hope people realize one thing about you that I are a sham.  A complete asshole sham.  You have nothing to offer the world but a complete piece of shit attitude that needs constant ego stroking.  I hope every single artist that you laid off because there wasn't enough money to pay them sees what you did.  Four hundred million dollars buys a whole lot of diapers, baby food, mortgage payments and pays a whole lot of bills.

So much for the responsible father that cares about their employees.  You just screwed the American work force again.  Like you needed four hundred million dollars you fuck job.  You needed that like you needed a lesbian girlfriend.  It's no wonder you bought your little assistant a new car, all she does is tell you how wonderful you are when you aren't.  You want to know what the workers think of you...ask the people that lost their homes because you planned your DreamWorks animation exit around their jobs.  Four hundred million dollars is what your friendships with Spielberg and Geffen were worth.  I hope you choke on what happens to you and Marilyn next.  It makes me sick.

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