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Could Lori and Brian survive on just one victim of this crime paying the bills for everything that they do? Not if that victim is me, I can tell you that. Lori lived under the impression that I would inherit part of my family's water company for a very long time. Remember she has kept an eye on me since I was 19. I am not really that type of person, however. I don't look to inheritances for security and don't really care about stuff like that. Right now I am living the nightmare that happens when Lori is too far from her hunting grounds to find people to hurt me. So she has to do it herself. Not the most comfortable position now that she has five people there helping her.
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Moving Day: I Hate This

Phase 1 of "Missy's Total Destruction of My Life" has begun.  My niece, her little boy and husband are moving today and I'm sad.  I've lived with them since before she was married and it's sad.  Now she has two little kids and they are moving into their new home and I'm left here in this house that I can't possibly afford, nine days from the end of the world.  That's really where I am at.  My stomach is in knots.  I'm not breathing well.  Still coughing up blood and stuff, thinking ulcer or something fun.  Laurie still doing her, "Everything is going my way" dance and why wouldn't she.  She's had more victories than the Dallas Cowboys this season and Jeffrey is content with taking her to the Super Bowl with Missy wearing her Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleader stripper outfit (apparently fat asses are in this year).

I haven't seen a man helping out two lifeless bitches so much since the local coroner got the bodies of a two girl car that morbid?  Sort of funny.  I just can't think of a man helping out two more dead beats.  I was going to do a thing about them being cold and their ovaries then a whole thing about their childless wombs...but it goes without saying; Missy and Laurie...nothing productive or reproductive there.

It goes without saying that this has been a disappointing start to the new year.  When you enter into a joke contract with Missy for another "three weeks of 'wouldn't it be funny if'" and then you buy her an expensive car as the punch line, you kind of know it isn't going to be the "best year of your life" if you are an electronic harassment advocate.  When you see that happen you know one thing.  Board up your windows, up your life insurance, sign your will, go to church often...hide, don't go out at night....and just pray that Missy doesn't run out of meth.  Bitch is not a nice person when she is out of meth.  One thing is for certain...she still is living with Jeffrey's family so how badly is he trying to fix this situation...not very badly is he?  He's done everything he can to keep Laurie from getting mad...what the fuck??????

Laurie was born mad.  She's been mad since birth.  She hasn't had one happy moment in her entire life.  She couldn't be happy if Missy was sitting on her face.  She was born to kill...she is a sociopath with homicidal tendencies.  She likes to kill.  She's fascinated with killing.  She likes to destroy happiness wherever she finds it.  She's thrilled with what she is doing this very second to my family and Jeffrey is spoon feeding my family to her.  Every single day he feeds her more and more of my life that I spent years keeping from her.  I deliberately kept parts of my life out of hers to stay safe, now all of that is right here where her high school fantasies have never left.  Ask anyone that she's talked to about me while she was wearing my high school ring around her neck that she stole from me or my Letterman's jacket or my basketball jersey or any other clothing of mine.  She's obsessed with killing me.  She's even said, "he's giving me permission to kill him".  I can't believe that a man so obsessed with security, like Jeffrey, does not see this as a very serious situation.  He's obviously blinded by his own weird relationship with Missy.

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