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It's Spring and it's time to do some cleaning. I gave someone some advice the other day about removing the negative aspects from your life on a yearly basis. It's time I let go of lots of baggage that I've been carrying around for friends of mine that dropped it off then went on vacation for 8 long years. I am a person, first and foremost, and what I needed from my friends was completely denied by Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife. You think that parents would be nicer when you teach them about what happened to their kid, not these two. Instead, it would appear that continuing the tradition of implanting homosexuals and giving them AIDS is something that the Katzenbergs least where their FRIEND, Missy Pissy is concerned. Best of luck to you Benjamin.
Visit "Save Our Sons" for more information about tis crime. This is a non violent informational blog about the crime of electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California. The blog, in no way, intends to promote a crime against anyone. It's intent now, as always, is to become the property of DreamWorks Entertainment as a motion picture project for them. Do not commit any crimes because of this blog.
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Friday, January 27, 2017

I Think A Change Of Scenery Might Be The Smartest Thing For Palm Springs

It's all about leveling the playing field when it comes to this crime.  I've been doing a lot of thinking when it comes to the problems that face the systemic problems that face prosecuting the crimes and criminals involved in electronic harassment in the Coachella Valley, California.  This is a crime that spans almost thirty years.  It has tendrils that extend like cancer into the police department's higher offices, the city council offices, the district attorney's office, the public defender's office and commissioner's offices at the Larson Justice Center.  There are many people that have heard about this and have done nothing for years and some that have been involved and done nothing.  It has been a dirty little secret for years with too many victims that have lost way too much, all of whom came from the gay male community.

With several crimes of major severity originating in other areas and coming to Palm Springs to be continued here, it may behoove us to prosecute those crimes in the jurisdictions in which they were committed then move here to continue the cases rather than start here where there are so many problems with the system and the people involved.  This way we can use the resources of the federal government without having to be hindered by the local officials that seem to have so many problems with their own agencies.  Taking out the offices of the PSPD and the local authorities seems to be a brighter way of handling this situation.  The federal government is far better prepared to do the job anyway.  They don't have the problems that a department without an internal affairs department has.

The PSPD will have no choice but to deal with the feds given the nature of the charges and lets get going on dealing with the problems without having to be challenged at every turn by a stubborn chief that has trouble remembering that I was once, "right on the money" then dealing with "mental issues" that left me with "nothing more than the police department could do for me" after a severe rape.  This is a situation that does not bear repeating.  There are way too many victims with HIV from a female that they have never met.  Gay men do not get infected by a woman...not by the same woman, especially the same woman, then all start hearing a woman's voice.  It's not possible.

This is a really important case of human experimentation and surveillance that violates all kinds of human rights and privacy rights.  It is time that we challenge the police department here to do something more for the gay men that were illegally arrested because they were rape victims that were intentionally infected with the AIDS virus and punished for it with criminal records.  This is a sad situation.

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