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Monday, January 30, 2017

GSA: Gay-Straight Alliances Are So Key To Maintaining Equality In All Minorities At This Time In History!

At no other time in the history of the world has it been more important for gay-straight alliances to work together for the benefit of ALL minorities.  Since we have members in all minorities, working with the straight community leaders to an equal situation for everyone, leads to equality for all.  It is one of the most important resources that we have and one of the easiest ones to embrace.  Almost every single gay man and woman that I know has a friend that is straight...most of us have many.  They know and love us unconditionally.  For us to be able to talk to them and show them that we love what they support us for shouldn't be so hard.  Our community is diverse, that's what makes us so special.

My team is very concerned about the future of the LGBTQ community but we are very certain that the alliances that we have with our straight friends are very strong.  We know that we are loved and accepted.  We don't worry about their perceptions of our lifestyles because we are lucky enough to have these kinds of friendships.  Not everyone is that fortunate.  Our job is to show people that these kinds of friendships are strong and can effect big changes in the world.  Nobody should fear being outcast because of their sexual identity.  What you do and who you love should be celebrated and accepted by your friends.

We always strive for the most loving and accepting group of friends because we know that an example has to be made.  Thank you so much to everyone out there that supports what we are doing here.  We know that your love is unconditional and that you support what we do beyond who we love.  This is for everyone.  It's for all of humanity.  We work to keep everyone safe so that when you think about something it is for you to know and share when you feel like it, not so that some girl can learn about your life on a computer in her living room.

Thanks to all of you, our lives may some day be our own again.

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