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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Did The Hollywood Insider Just Change That One Quick Or What???

Boy when Jeffrey says pull the copy, that shit gets pulled!!!  Last night when "Kung Fu Panda" raised "$600 Million for Jeffrey Katzenberg's new venture starring Kung Fu Panda" (and was looking to raise it to $750) it had the whole "Kung Fu Panda" splashed all over it's Hollywood Reporter article.  As soon as I mentioned that it was the property of the now defunct "DreamWorks Animation" company, all of a sudden, all the "Kung Fu" went right out of that article...what happened Jeff?  Did your former partners get a whiff out of that smelly deal?

Jeffrey seems to have this Missy Pissy of an idea that when you fuck someone over, all you have to do is show them how powerful you are and they will cave in to your demands.  Is that what you all think?  You see I don't think that way either.  In fact there is something called friendship that's involved here and there is absolutely nothing friendly about using someone else's property and saying it's something that is yours.  Jeffrey's been allegedly doing that with my ideas too.  Magic Mike Live in Vegas has been making him a lot of money too these days that I have seen any of, but I sure as hell did have that idea while I was in Vegas.  I even mentioned it to him and his wifey.  Never saw a dime.  Still haven't.  Then there is the new Youtube competition that he's a judge for.  Something else I've mentioned only I called it, "Make My Movie".

There are a lot of things in this world that aren't really funny aren't there Jeffrey?  One of them is how you've started treating your friends.  You've become somewhat of an ogre.  Ideas like "Platapussy" for Austin Powers is mine.The "Projectionist" is my idea. "Calvin and Hobbes" animated is mine. "Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang" on Broadway is MY IDEA Jeffrey, NOT YOURS!!! I've had hundreds of them over nine years and now I'm starting to see what Jeff does. All my ideas coming to someone through you...and I don't think I want "HateLisa" told through the man who used Lisa's girlfriend's eyes.  She's the bitch that keeps telling you that "you're the man", but you seem to not be "the father" I was looking for.  I don't have food in my refrigerator and Missy Pissy's driving a new car.  She hasn't paid rent in three years and has a new home.  She's gotten paid to steal my ideas for Jeffrey and Marilyn, allegedly.  I've seen not one single penny for my efforts.

It's amazing what can happen when Jeffrey thinks that he's floating out a "friendship" request to David Geffen and Steven Spielberg with a backhanded, "see how much money I could have made if you would have said yes."  What I think Hollywood should say is, "Yes Jeffrey, but the cost was our friendship and a whole lot of jobs just so you could say you were right." Fuck you asshole.

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