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If she wasn't trying to kill me, then why call off the police officer summoned to the E.R. on the morning of my second MRI? Why call the hospital to ensure that I would not receive any medical treatment for a destroyed skull. The problem with Lori LaFond knowing where you are all the time is that you can't get help of any kind before she can make a phone call and tell a lie about you. The fact that I reported the rape and nobody showed from the PSPD to take my report is one thing, but for that same department to then tell the City Council of Palm Springs that I'd waited "too long" to report it to them is ridiculous. I didn't wait, I took a day to try to figure out what happened, went to the hospital, was denied services, went back two days later, brought my bloody clothes and reported the rape...and was denied again. Obviously the MRI's from those visits show something horrible...what happened?
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Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Promise Made To Rutan, M. Katerine Jensen Esq, and Women Everywhere

For far too long I've let Jeffrey Katzenberg take my promises to people and log them without him making good on his end of the bargain.  I want to put them down here without there being any hesitation or negativity with my good faith effort in this investigation.  I know my legal position and I want to be certain that it is with this knowledge that I am writing the following:

First and foremost this is the situation as I know it at this time.

I am an informant for the People of the State of California, the County of Riverside, California and the Palm Springs Police Department.  A contract which was witnessed in the presence of two Palm Springs Police Officers on or about May of 2008 in the presence of my partner Christopher R. Monti.  There is a document to this effect that Christopher was given a copy of.  At that time we began our informant work on a case involving Steven Frey which involved drugs and grew into an investigation about electronic harassment, cause stalking, police misconduct, informant misconduct and other illegal activities which required that Christopher and I employ others in our informant work, as the law allows, to go inside of this crime organization to gather information about these and other crimes.  When we found evidence of police involvement we then became informants for the County of Riverside and the State of California as required by law.

At one point in this investigation, two of the men that I employed, Anthony Dabiere and Jonathan Mendenhall, also employed by Christopher, became aware of a situation in Sedona, Arizona where a female suspect in this organization had followed us to the area while working on this case.  This female would later file a "workplace violence" restraining order against me using a City of La Quinta lawyer from the Law Offices of Rutan & Tucker, LLP, M. Katherine, Jensen, Esq.  Ms. Jensen, unaware of our investigation at the time or the events in Sedona, Arizona, represented a woman whom worked for the City of La Quinta with the "same name" as the suspect that was seen by both Anthony Dabiere and Jonathan Mendenhall in Arizona and whom is the woman that signed the document that is filed by the court.  This woman that signed the document and gave Ms. Jensen this information is, allegedly, not, in fact, the woman that works for the City of La Quinta, but shares the same name only.  It would appear that the facts give were false, in terms of her employment.  Identity of this woman was, at issue.  In fact, even if she did work there, her presence in Sedona, Arizona, during this investigation would have nullified the claims, but that is not at issue.  Either way Ms. Jensen was led to believe false claims.

My intention, with my investigation, after much thought in this case is NOT to have Ms. Jensen censured for this conduct.  This is part and parcel of the behavior of the suspect in this case.  Neither the firm that she works for nor the State Bar of California nor the Federal Bar should censure the behavior of this attorney.  Simply put, this is what this crime is about.  It is the nature of this subject to use the system and her police contacts to falsify information to have electronic harassment victims and, more specifically, gay male victims of her crime, falsely accused of criminal activity so that they are defamed and ultimately arrested for something that they did not do.  In the alternative, the people that she uses, if not the victims, then get punished for their behavior, which does not ever find justice for the pawns in her game of lie and deceive.  The criminals are the players like the police officer and the subject who knowingly and intelligently make these lies point in the direction of the victims of her crimes without justification.  In this case, Deputy Fiebig and the petitioner herself.

I have made it very clear to Jeffrey Katzeberg whom works for another man that I've employed, Benjamin Katzenberg, that it is my intention to help Ms. Jensen and the Law Firm of Rutan & Tucker LLP help to find this subject and bring her to justice to answer to the City of La Quinta for the fraud that she perpetrated upon the citizens that reside there and paid for that litigation.  As I understand it, it is a criminal felony to fraudulently portray yourself as a City employee.  In this case, doing so, had a tremendous chilling effect on a major criminal investigation that led to the death of one individual, Shawn Parrish, Esq.  Other instances of the chilling effect will show that the "death of Jonathan Mendenhall", the arrest of Christopher Monti and subsequent false imprisonment and a warrant for my arrest arose from this situation.  Anthony has been threatened and his mother has had her own finances stripped from her causing an intentional infliction of emotional distress.   This entire time of restraint kept myself and Christopher from being able to contact our police contact, Sgt. Bryan Anderson, identified as the petitioner's "four year boyfriend" in the restraining order causing confusion and further exacerbated when two PSPD officers VIllegas and Dougherty, told me "not to contact the police ever again about Steven Frey" or they would press criminal charges.

The reverberations and chilling effect of this order, issued illegally, during a federal stay of the matter, by Commissioner Best, a criminal commissioner that has ties to electronic harassment and the petitioner for many years, makes this a very compelling case.  The warrant issued for my arrest by the same commissioner would have me answering to him should I get arrested for the issues arising from that order, still.

You see without having a hearing or answering the restraining order, I removed the petition to the federal court to stay the hearing in front of Laurie's Commissioner friends.  I didn't answer for the integrity of our investigation.  Knowing what my friends had been put through in Sedona, Arizona, I knew that I had the witnesses I needed for a proper prosecution of "Lisa".  Her decision to file a self destruction document like that was her own demise.  Using a law firm like Rutan & Tucker, not very smart on her behalf.  They won't like being used that way.  I personally think it was a poor choice to use a firm with that kind of integrity and quality.  In good faith, I would like to extend to them, the professional integrity that I know exists between lawyers, Lisa Damiani and the lawyers at Rutan could easily have a discussion on my behalf and, with Christopher's permission, his too.

I do not hold them responsible for what Laurie does, but, I do know that they do have a legal standing to make a good faith effort to help prosecutors understand this crime and work together in a harmonious relationship with us.  Ms. Jensen is one in a long line of people victimized by Laurie.  I have worked with female lawyers and judges for a long time and in standing with my tradition along side those women I do not want her to be further victimize by Laurie.  I, too understand that the need for female partners in law firms like Rutan & Tucker is of great significance to the legal community as are black candidates, gay candidates and all minorities.  The work of every qualified attorney should be considered partner material and it doesn't happen often enough.  Rutan & Tucker has obviously embodied this philosophy in this female attorney and I applaud that effort, do it again and keep her in that position.  We all have been victimized.

I do expect that in the future dealings with the City of La Quinta to have a positive working experience as far as the situation with Deputy Fiebig and the City because of this case and the Rutan & Tucker will be of great help with that.  I also hope that the LGBTQ employees that work for the City of La Quinta will continue to enjoy a harassment free workplace and will continue to be given every opportunity to grow and be promoted into positions like everyone else that applies for the careers as they are posted.  A safe work environment for all is what we all deserve.  I've loved that community for many years and know it to be one of the most beautiful jewels of the desert.  It is a precious community with some of the most loving and caring people we have.  I'd love to know that they think of this project as something that we all believe in made the Coachella Valley a better safer place to live.

I wrote this post on behalf of my team so that I could memorialize my promise to Ms. Jensen and the Partners at Rutan & Tucker, LLP and to Lisa Damiani, Esq. to open a dialogue of hope that we can resolve any kind of "implied" problem that does not exist.  To effect change there has to be some give...and hope.  I don't want Jeffrey to hold on to my promise without letting them know my intentions any longer, he has a tendency to keep things to himself for too long and that can cause needless anxiety to too many people.  Ms. Jensen should sleep better than I do at night.

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