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It is time to end Jeffrey Katzenberg's reign of terror on me and my friends. He's lied, stolen, jailed and done every single thing he can possibly to to hurt my informant team with regards to this crime. Using his son as a front, this family has joined up with America's biggest domestic terrorist. He has continued to do as he pleased without any regard for what the consequences are for any of us. In the alternative he's been paying a drug dealer and her friends to steal from my family at will. This has gone on for far too long. Won't someone bring an end to his terrorist regime? There is a tip link for you to do that today!!!

Visit "Save Our Sons" for more information about tis crime. This is a non violent informational blog about the crime of electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California. The blog, in no way, intends to promote a crime against anyone. It's intent now, as always, is to become the property of DreamWorks Entertainment as a motion picture project for them. Do not commit any crimes because of this blog.
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Told Lisa I Would Put This On Here To Calm Her Down...Before You Read About Leah, Lisa and the FBI Fax..Relax Lisa It's Just "Frottage", Not "Cunninlingus and Fellatio" Like You Taught Us To Say Properly....

"...but Lisa, shouldn't we call the FBI to have them get rid of that fax Kevin sent," Leah Fauntleroy
"In a second, I'm just about to dooooooooo (pron. "deeeeeeew") something," Lisa LaBitch

"Gosh, they don't feel like they are fifteen years old, used and stolen, doooooo (pron. deeeeeew) they Leah," Lisa LaBitch?
"Lisa, I really think that they hurt too much for you to be doing this...besides, aren't you afraid that Barbara will see them," Leah Fauntleroy..."Oh and I know you are just waiting to bite them....please don't!!"

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